Blackpool Star Flyer ‘fenced off’ by fire engines for ‘training exercise’

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Fire engines were seen parked up and unloading a ladder against the side of the Star Flyer


Several fire engines have been seen on Blackpool Promenade around the visiting huge Star Flyer ride.

The vehicles were first spotted at around 9.50am this morning (November 23).

One engine could be seen unloading fire ladders up against Europe’s tallest travelling fairground ride while parked closed to the new ride.

However there is no need for alarm, as it is understood that fire service officials were there for a training exercise and there was no issue with the ride itself.

Eye-witnesses saw the training exercise take place before the ride went on a test run. Members of the public were also told not to worry as it was not a real emergency incident.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service also confirmed there were no active emergency calls across the Fylde coast while the ride was being tested.

One person told LancsLive: “It’s all cordoned off. But just been told it’s a training exercise. They came, put the ladder up, were looking around it and then tested the ride.”

It comes days after Star Flyer passengers were left stuck in the air above Blackpool after the ride malfunctioned on its first day of operation in the seaside resort.

The Star Flyer, which was relocated to the Promenade in front of Blackpool Tower, opened to the public for the first time on Sunday.

However, just hours after opening there was an apparent issue with the ride which saw passengers suspended in the air. Onlookers suggested the disruption was caused by a power cut and took pictures and videos which were posted to social media.

Fire engines on Blackpool promenade next to Star Flyer
Fire engines on Blackpool promenade next to Star Flyer

It is thought the occupants of the ride were stuck for around eight minutes before they were lowered down to safety.

It comes after the ride was last week dismantled from its initial location on St John’s Square, outside the Winter Gardens, on orders from Blackpool Council.

The ride, which is 210ft tall and almost half the height of Blackpool Tower, came to the seaside resort as the main attraction for the Winter Gardens Wonderland festival.