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Lytham RNLI delight as Leg-It fund-raiser brings in £9,000

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Lytham St Annes RNLI’s month-long Leg It for the Lifeboats fund-raiser generated £9,000, say delighted officials of the charity.


After expenses, the initiative in which hundreds of people of all ages took part during May, will bring in more than £8,000, it is estimated.

It was the second year running that Leg It – the opportunity to cover the 3.5miles between the Lytham and St Annes boathouses by means of running, walking or on wheels – was held over a month to give people the chance to take part at their chosen time rather than on a single morning.

Last year, the new format’s debut in September generated almost £12,000, more than four times what the old format previously realised – and RNLI officials have again hailed the new look a big success.

Derek Fleet (left) and Nick Wareing were among the fund-raisers for the RNLI

Derek Fleet (left) and Nick Wareing were among the fund-raisers for the RNLI.
A whole month to Leg it for Lytham St Annes RNLI

“The charity relies on voluntary contributions and donations from a generous public but income was reduced drastically throughout the pandemic so this amount brings a welcome boost to the funds.

“Thank you to all who participated or donated to Leg It. Hopefully we will see you again in 2022.”

Among many notable individual efforts was that of Nick Wareing, a member of the fund-raising branch,who walked the course every day of the month to raise £1,000, while Manchester-based regular supporter Derek Fleet continued his long tradition of taking part on fancy dress.

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Two people ‘shoulder deep’ and cut off by tide saved by coastguard

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Two people cut off by Lancs tide and ‘shoulder deep’ saved by coastguard

The Harbet' D-853 lifeboat used by RNLI Fleetwood to save the two people stuck in the water

The Harbet’ D-853 lifeboat used by RNLI Fleetwood to save the two people stuck in the water

Emergency crews have rescued two people after they got stranded “shoulder deep” in water.

They got into trouble off the Fylde coast at around 7pm last night (June 5).

Volunteers from RNLI Fleetwood said the two people were “cut off by the tide” and by the time they arrived in the lifeboat they were “Shoulder deep” in water.

Both people were rescued and brought ashore before being assessed.

No injuries were reported.

In a short statement on Facebook, RNLI Fleetwood said: “Launch request this evening at about 7pm by HMCoastguard to two people cut off by tide.

“Casualties shoulder deep in water by the time they were collected by ‘Harbet’ D-853 our in-shore lifeboat. 2 lives saved.”

Dozens of social media users praised the ‘amazing’ coastguard volunteers and said they are ‘worth their weight in gold’.

Another wrote: “Amazing job again. Absolute hero’s. Well done. Wish people would check tides and times.”

A third person posted: “Fabulous job guys. Thank you. Aunty Bet bought Harbet just for situations like this. Stay safe out there xxx”

Another replied: “Well done! I hope they appreciate how lucky they are.”

One said: “You are all worth your weight in gold! Well done.”

Another commented: “Well done to you all. Bet they were relieved to see you.”

RNLI Blackpool called out to South Pier mission after midnight

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Blackpool’s RNLI volunteers were called out in the early hours of this morning to reports of a person in the water near South Pier.

Blackpool RNLI were called out last night

Blackpool RNLI were called out last night

Both D class lifeboats launched and carried out a search from Starr Gate to Manchester Square, aided by HM Coastguard of Lytham.

Blackpool RNLI stated: “Fortunately they were found safe and well.”


Adult pulled from sea at Blackpool trying to save teenage girl

Emergency services were called to the incident at Manchester Square

It was a busy day in Blackpool for the coastguard

It was a busy day in Blackpool for the coastguard

An adult has been ‘pulled from the sea’ in Blackpool trying to save a teenage girl.

Emergency services, including coastguard officers, lifeboat crews, paramedics, police and Blackpool Beach Patrol were called to Manchester Square on Wednesday (June 2).

HM Coastguard Fleetwood said they were first alerted to reports of a person ‘in difficulty in the sea’ yesterday afternoon

When they arrived at the scene they found the teenager had already been ‘pulled from the sea’.

The girl was given first aid and oxygen in a Beach Patrol Land Rover, assisted by Lancashire Police.

Officers said they were then quickly alerted to reports of an adult in the sea who ‘got into difficulty trying to save the teenager’.

He was pulled ashore by the emergency services and also given similar treatment.

It was one of a number of incidents dealt with by the emergency services on a ‘busy afternoon’.

“Both vehicles arrived to find a teenager who had been pulled from the sea. We loaded her into the Beach Patrol Land Rover and provided first aid and oxygen, assisted by Lancashire Police

“Almost immediately another adult was pulled from the sea having got into difficulty trying to save the teenager. Similar assistance was given.”

In a separate incident, the coastguard said a third person was also rescued around Central Pier.

They added: “Just as an North West Ambulance Service paramedic arrived, the police radios reported a third in difficulty around Central Pier.

“Our vehicle left quickly with police units and located another casualty near Comedy Carpet. NWAS ambulances arrived and took over casualty care.”

Blackpool and Fleetwood lifeboats plagued by false alarms as litterbugs ditch inflatables, towels and flip-flops on Fylde coast beaches

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Abandoned beach inflatables, towels and footwear led local life-savers on a wild goose chase as they searched for possible people in trouble in the water.


Inflatables retreived by Blackpool RNLI. Picture by Lytham coastguardInflatables retreived by Blackpool RNLI. Picture by Lytham coastguard

Fleetwood and Blackpool RNLI volunteers, and coastguards from Fleetwood and Lytham, were called to false alarms yesterday as it was feared the owners of the dumped items were stranded or struggling at sea.

A HM Coastguard Fleetwood spokesman said: “We found towels, footwear and food items in a bag, raising concerns that there were still people out there on King Scar.

“RNLI Fleetwood ILB had been tasked to provide support for us and undertook a search of the north side while NCI Fleetwood searched with binoculars from their tower. Once the banks had been covered, we were as confident as possible that the items were abandoned and that no-one was stranded.”

Picture by Lytham coastguardPicture by Lytham coastguard

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Fylde coast life-savers respond to onslaught of call-outs including EIGHT missin…

A HM Coastguard Lytham spokesman said: “We requested the assistance from RNLI Blackpool to search the water, after a search of the water no persons were in difficulties, however, the crew had collected at good amount of inflatables and balls from the water.

“Please take your toys and rubbish home with you, the RNLI crew are there to save lives, not clean up everyone’s rubbish.”

As well as the two false alarms, crews also attended multiple other incidents throughout yesterday.
Picture by Fleetwood coastguard
Picture by Fleetwood coastguard

HM Coastguard Lytham was at 1.40pm to reports of two missing children on St Annes beach. Another missing child was reported in the same area at 4.20pm. All three children were found safe.

Meanwhile, HM Coastguard Fleetwood attended numerous people cut off by the tide , including eight people on Anchorsholme beach and two people and a dog in Fleetwood.