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Welcome to A Walk on the Wild Side.

Stephen Cheatley an award winning professional photographer specializing in travel, weather & astronomy.

He posts walk around video content mainly in my hometown of Blackpool, which looks at different sides of the town from rundown streets to the famous promenade, as well as capturing the various characters along the way.

Stephen will include some photography if it is convenient. Sometimes he may venture further than Blackpool to vlog in some far flung place.

His award winning picture!

Stephen Cheatley: “Captured crashing down over my hometown of Blackpool in the summer of 2015 titled ‘Electric Blackpool’.
The picture went viral at the time, and appeared in most major newspapers. Lightning storms, particularly with the intensity of the one I captured are extremely rare in this part of the world, with maybe just one or two per year if we are lucky. This statistic makes the shot even more remarkable, and it is now firmly a part of history, which I will talk about as long as I live. The image went on to win the RMetS Weather Photographer of the Year award in 2018, a competition which I helped judge the following year.”

Click here to read more about my win from the Royal Meteorological Society website

Here is a BBC article about my win

Video’s are released several times every week. Keep checking back to keep upto date!




Released: 19:00hrs 08-12-21

I catch the tail end of Storm Barra as it passes over the Lancashire coast at Blackpool and Cleveleys. The high tide was 8.75 metres and the wind was westerly, gusting to 50mph.



Premier: 19:00hrs 07-12-21

I bring you a video from St Annes & Blackpool as Storm Barra hits the Lancashire coast. Winds were from the southeast so there were no big waves like a previous storm, despite a high tide of 9 metres.


Released: 19:00hrs 04-12-21

Blackpool gets battered by winds gusting to 50mph which coincide with a very high tide of 9 metres on the morning of December 4th 2021.

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Released: 19:00hrs 03-12-21

I take you on a walk around my old neighbourhood in South Shore Blackpool on the way to the ambulance depot on Waterloo Road, which is set to be demolished for an all new building.

Caroline’s channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpAc…

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Premier: 19:00hrs 01-12-21

Join me for a livestream along Blackpool Promenade on a midweek evening.

Experience the illuminations and the Christmas by the Sea festivities opposite the Tower.


Visit Blackpool have a secret event planned for 8pm at the Comedy Carpet, so we will find out what it is on the stream.

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More info on what to do in Blackpool this Christmas https://www.SimplyBlackpool.com/


Released: 19:00hrs 27-11-21

I went out early on Saturday morning to look at some of the damage around Blackpool after a wild night of stormy weather in Blackpool as Storm Arwen hit the coast with 60mph gusting winds. https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashir…



Premier: 21:45hrs 26-11-21

A building on the corner of Springfield Road and the Promenade partially collapsed in high winds on Friday 26th of November. Winds were forecast to gust up to 70mph through the night. The promenade between Banks Street and Talbot Square had to be sealed off, rerouting illuminations traffic through the town centre & causing gridlock.


Premier: 20:00hrs 26-11-21

I take an early walk through Blackpool town centre and promenade. Due to high winds on Friday and Saturday, the Christmas by the Sea GLICE Rink will be closed. The star flyer ride will probably have to close as well until the winds die down. https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…


Premier: 20:00hrs 25-11-21

I filmed the star flyer ride on Blackpool Promenade after dark. Recorded Monday 22nd. https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…


Premier: 20:00hrs 22-11-21

Myself and Caroline James Vlogs Blackpool went on the huge star flyer ride on Blackpool Promenade which has been making the headlines lately.

It costs £7 per person to ride on it. Do you dare?

Caroline’s Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpAc…



Released: 20:00hrs 21-11-21

After being moved from St John’s Square in the town centre, the huge 60 metre star flyer ride, Europe’s tallest of its type is now up & running on Blackpool Promenade.


Released: 20:00hrs 20-11-21

I bring you a video from the Christmas by the Sea Winter Wonderland on Blackpool Promenade opposite the Tower. There are Xmas huts, a Glice Rink, a Xmas Tree forest and a glowing beach ball. All this plus the Lightpool music & animation show as well as the huge star flyer ride, which will hopefully be opening before next weekend after being moved from it’s original position in St John’s Square.

More info here https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…


Released: 19:00hrs 20-11-21

Topping out the Blackpool Star Flyer on Blackpool Promenade. This is part 2 of the video shot earlier in the morning.


Released: 16:00hrs 20-11-21

The huge star flyer ride which was previously constructed in St John’s Square Blackpool as part of the Winter Gardens Wonderland Xmas Festival is now being put up on the Blackpool tower headland, close to the Glice Rink attraction. The ride had to be taken down from it’s previous location due to safety concerns.

Stella’s channel https://www.youtube.com/user/zoltar666pz



BREAKING NEWS: 15;00hrs 18-11-21

Star Flyer Dismantled!



Premier: 19:00hrs 18-11-21

I take a night walk down Central Drive in Blackpool along a stretch which is rather infamous to locals for being rundown, and very much like a ghetto. The northern part of Central Drive was where the huge Central Station once was, which brought people into Blackpool in droves during it’s heyday.
TA2AHAL2LLMBDUHD Mark McNeill’s channel



Premier: 19:00hrs 17-11-21

I check out the huge star flyer ride newly installed in Blackpool town centre along with the preparations for the Christmas markets. https://www.wintergardenswonderland.c…



Premier: 21:00hrs 16-11-21

The new 200ft star flyer ride has arrived in St Johns Square Blackpool



Premier: 19:00hrs 16-11-21

An outbreak of avian flu at Stanley Park in Blackpool has caused the council, working with the RSPCA to seal off the whole of the lake. People are advised not to touch or feed the birds during this time. Three swans are believed to have been lost to the outbreak so far.



Premier: 19:00hrs 14-11-21

I took a walk along Blackpool Promenade and through the town centre at teatime in mid November to show how busy it was. It certainly didn’t look like it was out of season, but the famous Illuminations are shining away and the town centre Christmas displays are being put in place.




Released: 19:00hrs 13-11-21

Blackpool Council has installed a Glice Rink on the promenade opposite the Tower. It is an artificial ice rink, which will open from the 19th of November until Jan 3rd 2022.

For Dates & Times Click Here

Glice Rink: https://www.glicerink.com/?gclid=Cj0K…



Released: 19:00hrs 11-11-21

The Blackpool High Tide Organ on South Promenade is set to be taken down by Blackpool Council due to the structure being rendered unsafe after corrosion.



Released: 19:00hrs 06-11-21

I bring you a video from the amazing bonfire & firework display at Blackpool Cricket Club on November 5th. The annual event, first since 2019, attracted people in their thousands. Blackpool Cricket Club is situated at the northwest end of Stanley Park.



Released: 19:00hrs 02-11-21

The recent storms have blown off more sails on the famous Lytham Windmill in Lancashire. The first sails broke off back in mid October & following that another was removed because rot was found. On the morning of November 1st, another sail broke off to leave just one.



Released: 19:00hrs 01-11-21

November gets off to a stormy start in Blackpool as gale force winds batter the famous promenade.



Released: 19:00hrs 29-10-21

I visit the popular Wetherspoon’s Velvet Coaster on South Promenade in Blackpool. Named after an old roller coaster at nearby Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the building was formerly the Lucky Star Amusements.



Released: 19:00hrs 27-10-21

I take you on a little back street walk through central Blackpool on the way to the promenade to show how insanely busy it is for this time of year, particularly for midweek. School holidays and the illuminations combine to draw in huge numbers of visitors to the resort.


Released: 19:00hrs 25-10-21

Join me for a Blackpool tram ride with commentary along the way, starting at Blackpool Pleasure and ending at the Norbreck Castle Hotel.


Released: 19:00hrs 25-10-21

I visit the Play Expo vintage arcade and computer exhibition at the the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool on Sunday 24th of October 2021. This is the first event here since 2019 due to the pandemic. https://www.playexpoblackpool.com Northern Lights Pinball: https://www.ukpinball.com


Premiered: 21:30hrs 23-10-21

**This video contains bad language from the start** I take you on a tour of the streets around Blackpool Football ground as the Seasiders take on deadly rivals Preston North End in a hotly anticipated derby game, the first for 8 years. The final score was 2-0 to the Seasiders.

Released: 19:00hrs 21-10-21

In this video I take a close look at Carlin Rock, which is a large feature on Blackpool beach at Bispham, close to Red Bank Road. Carlin Rock, or Mussel Rock as it is otherwise known can be seen when the tide is out from quite a long way away due to it’s prominence. Whilst this rock can be easily seen, there is said to be another rock further out called the Pennystone, the name referring to an olde inn which was said to be part of the lost village of Singleton Thorpe before it was washed away in a tsunami back in 1555. Visitors to the inn are said to have used a large ring on Pennystone Rock to hitch up their horses whilst they drank their ‘penny pot o’ brew’ served by the landlord Thrifty Jack. More info here https://bispham2.blogspot.com/2007/08… My website is www.stephencheatleyphotography.co.uk Check out my gallery of prints available under the ‘Buy Prints’ tab on the main menu. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please check out these Amazon links to the gear I use for my videos…. DJI Osmo Camera https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KVV1W5… DJI Mavic Mini Drone https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07RRMPZ4… Boya lav microphone https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00MN6974… A Walk on the Wild Side merch here: https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/a-… If you would like to make a donation to support the channel, you can visit my PayPal here https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=QA…

Live: 17:50hrs 16-10-21

Blackpool Live! Aqualux Take 3!!!

Live: 17:50hrs 16-10-21

Blackpool Live! Aqualux Take 2!!!

Live: 17:45hrs 16-10-21

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool at 17:45. I will be featuring the mobile Aqualux art display for the Lightpool Festival as it tours the streets. Find out more here https://www.visitblackpool.com/detail…

Released: 19:00hrs 15-10-21

I bring you an early morning look at Blackpool promenade as the sun rises. Here I show the all new installation for the Lightpool Festival called the House of Cards, which is being setup opposite the Sands Venue, close to the Comedy Carpet. I also describe the amazing Belt of Venus effect of the sun creating the shadow of the earth on the western horizon. If you would like to support my channel, you can make a donation here https://paypal.me/Stephencheatley?loc…

Released: 21:00hrs 13-10-21

The House of Wingz perform an 80’s street dance outside the Grand Theatre in Blackpool to promote the opening of Around the World in 80’s Days Comedy Musical.

House of Wingz website: https://www.skoolofstreet.com
Grand Theatre: https://www.blackpoolgrand.co.uk/even…

This video is not monetised due to copyrighted music. If you would like to support my channel, you can donate to my PayPal account here https://paypal.me/Stephencheatley?loc…

Follow Frank in Blackpool and Scruffy Diamond https://www.youtube.com/user/the1lemming https://www.youtube.com/c/ScruffyDiam…

Released: 20:00hrs 13-10-21

Join me for a sunset tour of Blackpool town centre on the way to the Grand Theatre. Along the way I bring you an update on the development works going on, including the new tram station on the site of the former Wilko store. Watch the following video to see the dance performance outside The Grand Theatre.

Premier: 20:00hrs 10-10-21
I bring you the full German display as the final contenders in the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool. I also film some of the crazy busy streets before and after the display.
Mark McNeill’s channel https://youtu.be/7c-CzDQupuU

Premier: 21:30hrs 09-10-21

Lap Dancing and strip clubs in Blackpool could be facing the chop after Blackpool Council put forward proposals earlier in the year to phase out all these type of adult clubs, in order to enhance Blackpool’s reputation as a family resort. News story here https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashir…

Premier: 20:30hrs 05-10-21

I bring you a short video from Cleveleys, just up the road from Blackpool in very stormy conditions from the popular beach art installation Mary’s Shell. Last time I was up here they were filming for Disney+ and the Star Wars show.

Premier: 19:00hrs 02-10-21

I visit Papa’s Fish & Chip restaurant in Blackpool which opened in July. Papa’s is the largest fish & chips restaurant in the town, having 250 seats and creating 100 new jobs. The Blackpool restaurant is the 10th of the company’s restaurants to open. The building, on a prominent corner

Live: 16:15hrs 02-10-21

Join me for a livestream from Lytham St Annes as I check out the famous windmill after a sail broke off in high winds.

Released: 19:00hrs 29-09-21

Join me on a very stormy South Promenade in Blackpool as I try to chase rainbows through the sunshine & showers. Drone footage by Mark McNeill https://www.youtube.com/c/MarkMcNeill22

Released: 19:00hrs 29-09-21

I check out Blackpool’s newest Aldi superstore after passing through the shopping area of Westcliffe Drive Layton.

Released: 19:00hrs 28-09-21

I take you on a tour of Dickson Road North in a very rainy Blackpool, with a little look at Middle & Lower Walks along the way.

Released: 19:00hrs 27-09-21

I take you on a tour of Dickson Road North in a very rainy Blackpool, with a little look at Middle & Lower Walks along the way.

I bring you a wet & wild start to the new week in Blackpool as stormy conditions bring an end to a prolonged period of fine weather in September.

History of Feldman’s Arcade here https://lucascampbellblog.wordpress.c…

Metropole story here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england…

Released: 17:30hrs 27-09-21

Drivers are still queuing for fuel on Monday 27th of September even after government reassurance that there is no fuel shortage. Last week the media seemed to give the impression that there would be a fuel shortage, which in turn gave rise to panic buying almost immediately.

Released: 19:00hrs 26-09-21

Ireland’s display in the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool on 25th September 2021. Rocket Pyro https://www.rocketpyro.ie and Titanium Fireworks https://www.titaniumfireworks.com

Released: 23:00hrs 25-09-21

I bring you the atmosphere from Blackpool town centre & promenade leading up to Round 2 of the World Fireworks competition. Ireland are taking part tonight.

Released: 20:10hrs 22-09-21

Illuminations Take 2!!!

Join me for a midweek evening walk along Blackpool Prom, bringing you some of the illuminations & other sights. 8pm onwards

Released: 22:00hrs 22-09-21

Join me for a midweek evening walk along Blackpool Prom, bringing you some of the illuminations & other sights. 8pm onwards

Released: 19:00hrs 18-09-21

I take you on a tour of Blackpool’s Middle Walk. This is a section of Blackpool Promenade between the Metropole Hotel and Gynn Square, which has become rather rundown & seedy in the past several decades. Constructed in 1926 with a grand colonnade structure along it’s whole length, it was once a popular spot for couples & families to walk in a more debate location than the bustling Golden Mile. These days Middle Walk, although still a great place to walk or ride a bike & watch the amazing Blackpool sunsets, has a rather bad name, especially owing to the dodgy after hours activities that some of the more modern generation get up to.

Premiers: 19:00hrs 17-09-21

I bring you an update on the return of Blackpool’s giant mirrorball as the top section is put in place on Thursday afternoon.

Premiers: 19:30hrs 15-09-21

I take you on a tour of Coronation Street in Blackpool which was once the home of the Giant Wheel in the early 20th century. The Winter Gardens still remain, but some areas of the street have become rundown & recently an empty building was raided by police after they had a tip of it was being used as a grow house for cannabis.

Released : 17:30hrs 15-09-21

Blackpool’s famous giant mirrorball is finally coming back to the Great Promenade Show on South Promenade. The artwork, which is titled ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’ is being put back in place after having all 46,000 mirrors replaced.

Released : 21:00hrs 14-09-21

Bit of a wet start in Blackpool this morning and I thought I’d bring you a little video showing you the sights of the promenade in a style more reminiscent of Charles Veitch, using 4K 60fps mode for the first time.

Released : 22:20hrs 11-09-21

Russia kicks off the WFC in Blackpool for 2021 with their display on the beach in front of the Tower. My shot of the fireworks can be found along with many other images of Blackpool here https://stephencheatleyphotography.co…

How to set up live streaming on YouTube
Live: 10:10hrs 12-09-21

Join me from Starr Hills St Anne’s as I bring you the Red Arrows leaving Blackpool Airport after spending the night there. They are off to perform several displays across the north in just 1 hour whilst circling back to RAF Scampton.

Released : 22:20hrs 11-09-21

A little preview of the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool. I make my way to the promenade from Bloomfield Road to sample the atmosphere of the large crowds & show some interesting stuff along the way.

Released : 18:00hrs 11-09-21

Russia kick things off tonight. Here’s more info https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…

Released : 20:00hrs 10-09-21

A tour of Blackpool bistros & wine bars for the ladies. These are the places to be SEEN in Blackpool this year.

Released : 19:30hrs 07-09-21

A complete tour of Waterloo Road in South Shore Blackpool to the Promenade.

Released : 22:00hrs 03-09-21

I bring you the big Switch On of the famous Blackpool Illuminations for 2021. They will shine until January 3rd 2022.

Released : 19:30hrs 03-09-21

A quick video to preview the Blackpool Illuminations Switch On event.

Released : 19:30hrs 02-09-21

A shorter version of my Ride the Lights trip featuring the highlights, including extra scenes of Dom Whiting and his Drum & Bass Bike.

Released : 22:00hrs 01-09-21

This is a complete tour of Blackpool Illuminations during the Ride the Lights event on August 31st 2021. I take you all the way from Starr Gate up to Red Bank Road Bispham. The loud music was coming from DJ Dom Whiting with Drum & Bass on the Bike https://cyclingmagazine.ca/sections/f… I will also make a more concise version of this event.

Released : 20:00hrs 29-08-21

I take you on a tour of Central Drive in Blackpool. This area of town has seen constant decline since the 1980’s, when it was a very popular shopping area. It still is relatively busy today, but most of the old family run stores have become empty & derelict, or replaced by a multiple of convenience shops and takeaways. The road featured on reality documentary programme 999 What’s Your Emergency in 2012. There are plans the gentrify Central Drive, including part of the street where the King Edward pub is. This area will become the ‘Heritage Quarter’ of the Blackpool Central development https://www.blackpool.gov.uk/Your-Cou… Revoe Masterplan https://static1.squarespace.com/stati…

Released : 22:00hrs 28-08-21

I take you on a tour of Blackpool Promenade from South Pier to the Tower, showing all the popular pubs, hotels & fish & chip outlets along the way, including some down the back streets just off the promenade, which you may want to try.

Released : 19:00hrs 28-08-21

I filmed the Red Arrows as the came to Blackpool Airport whilst performing a display on the Isle of Man. The Blackpool Airshow was cancelled this year.

Released : 18:08hrs 27-08-21

The Red Arrows will be in town on Saturday 28th of August. They will not be performing a display over Blackpool, as the airshow was cancelled this year due to concerns about large crowds during the pandemic. If you do happen to be in Blackpool on Saturday, you may be lucky enough to spot them and you never know, they may just do a few turns for us. https://www.lancs.live/whats-on/whats…

Released : 19:00hrs 26-08-21

Pick up yourself a bargain property here in Blackpool, which happens to be a stone’s throw away from the Golden Mile for a possible minimum price of just £5000. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/propertie…

How to set up live streaming on YouTube
Live : 20:00hrs 25-08-21

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool Promenade where I will bring you the sunset at around 20:20hrs. There may also be a bonus preview of the illuminations.

Released: 19:00hrs 23-08-21

The Blackpool Spitfire is back on Gynn roundabout for the upcoming illuminations 2021. Join me as I take a look round it & also show an amazing sunset.

Released: 19:30hrs 20-08-21

I take a trip through Blackpool Town Centre on a damp but muggy Friday night. In this video I feature a few pubs & clubs that I have not shown before + a few restaurants that you may like to visit as well.

Released: 19:30hrs 19-08-21

I cover the Blackpool RNLI on their weekly training day.

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