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Welcome to A Walk on the Wild Side.

I’m Stephen Cheatley an award winning professional photographer specializing in travel, weather & astronomy.

I post walk around video content mainly in my hometown of Blackpool, which looks at different sides of the town from rundown streets to the famous promenade, as well as capturing the various characters along the way.

I will include some photography if it is convenient. Sometimes I may venture further than Blackpool to vlog in some far flung place.

Watch and find out.



Released: 20:10hrs 22-09-21

Illuminations Take 2!!!

Join me for a midweek evening walk along Blackpool Prom, bringing you some of the illuminations & other sights. 8pm onwards

Released: 22:00hrs 22-09-21

Join me for a midweek evening walk along Blackpool Prom, bringing you some of the illuminations & other sights. 8pm onwards

Released: 19:00hrs 18-09-21

I take you on a tour of Blackpool’s Middle Walk. This is a section of Blackpool Promenade between the Metropole Hotel and Gynn Square, which has become rather rundown & seedy in the past several decades. Constructed in 1926 with a grand colonnade structure along it’s whole length, it was once a popular spot for couples & families to walk in a more debate location than the bustling Golden Mile. These days Middle Walk, although still a great place to walk or ride a bike & watch the amazing Blackpool sunsets, has a rather bad name, especially owing to the dodgy after hours activities that some of the more modern generation get up to.

Premiers: 19:00hrs 17-09-21

I bring you an update on the return of Blackpool’s giant mirrorball as the top section is put in place on Thursday afternoon.

Premiers: 19:30hrs 15-09-21

I take you on a tour of Coronation Street in Blackpool which was once the home of the Giant Wheel in the early 20th century. The Winter Gardens still remain, but some areas of the street have become rundown & recently an empty building was raided by police after they had a tip of it was being used as a grow house for cannabis.

Released : 17:30hrs 15-09-21

Blackpool’s famous giant mirrorball is finally coming back to the Great Promenade Show on South Promenade. The artwork, which is titled ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’ is being put back in place after having all 46,000 mirrors replaced.

Released : 21:00hrs 14-09-21

Bit of a wet start in Blackpool this morning and I thought I’d bring you a little video showing you the sights of the promenade in a style more reminiscent of Charles Veitch, using 4K 60fps mode for the first time.

Released : 22:20hrs 11-09-21

Russia kicks off the WFC in Blackpool for 2021 with their display on the beach in front of the Tower. My shot of the fireworks can be found along with many other images of Blackpool here https://stephencheatleyphotography.co…

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Live: 10:10hrs 12-09-21

Join me from Starr Hills St Anne’s as I bring you the Red Arrows leaving Blackpool Airport after spending the night there. They are off to perform several displays across the north in just 1 hour whilst circling back to RAF Scampton.

Released : 22:20hrs 11-09-21

A little preview of the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool. I make my way to the promenade from Bloomfield Road to sample the atmosphere of the large crowds & show some interesting stuff along the way.

Released : 18:00hrs 11-09-21

Russia kick things off tonight. Here’s more info https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…

Released : 20:00hrs 10-09-21

A tour of Blackpool bistros & wine bars for the ladies. These are the places to be SEEN in Blackpool this year.

Released : 19:30hrs 07-09-21

A complete tour of Waterloo Road in South Shore Blackpool to the Promenade.

Released : 22:00hrs 03-09-21

I bring you the big Switch On of the famous Blackpool Illuminations for 2021. They will shine until January 3rd 2022.

Released : 19:30hrs 03-09-21

A quick video to preview the Blackpool Illuminations Switch On event.

Released : 19:30hrs 02-09-21

A shorter version of my Ride the Lights trip featuring the highlights, including extra scenes of Dom Whiting and his Drum & Bass Bike.

Released : 22:00hrs 01-09-21

This is a complete tour of Blackpool Illuminations during the Ride the Lights event on August 31st 2021. I take you all the way from Starr Gate up to Red Bank Road Bispham. The loud music was coming from DJ Dom Whiting with Drum & Bass on the Bike https://cyclingmagazine.ca/sections/f… I will also make a more concise version of this event.

Released : 20:00hrs 29-08-21

I take you on a tour of Central Drive in Blackpool. This area of town has seen constant decline since the 1980’s, when it was a very popular shopping area. It still is relatively busy today, but most of the old family run stores have become empty & derelict, or replaced by a multiple of convenience shops and takeaways. The road featured on reality documentary programme 999 What’s Your Emergency in 2012. There are plans the gentrify Central Drive, including part of the street where the King Edward pub is. This area will become the ‘Heritage Quarter’ of the Blackpool Central development https://www.blackpool.gov.uk/Your-Cou… Revoe Masterplan https://static1.squarespace.com/stati…

Released : 22:00hrs 28-08-21

I take you on a tour of Blackpool Promenade from South Pier to the Tower, showing all the popular pubs, hotels & fish & chip outlets along the way, including some down the back streets just off the promenade, which you may want to try.

Released : 19:00hrs 28-08-21

I filmed the Red Arrows as the came to Blackpool Airport whilst performing a display on the Isle of Man. The Blackpool Airshow was cancelled this year.

Released : 18:08hrs 27-08-21

The Red Arrows will be in town on Saturday 28th of August. They will not be performing a display over Blackpool, as the airshow was cancelled this year due to concerns about large crowds during the pandemic. If you do happen to be in Blackpool on Saturday, you may be lucky enough to spot them and you never know, they may just do a few turns for us. https://www.lancs.live/whats-on/whats…

Released : 19:00hrs 26-08-21

Pick up yourself a bargain property here in Blackpool, which happens to be a stone’s throw away from the Golden Mile for a possible minimum price of just £5000. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/propertie…

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Live : 20:00hrs 25-08-21

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool Promenade where I will bring you the sunset at around 20:20hrs. There may also be a bonus preview of the illuminations.

Released: 19:00hrs 23-08-21

The Blackpool Spitfire is back on Gynn roundabout for the upcoming illuminations 2021. Join me as I take a look round it & also show an amazing sunset.

Released: 19:30hrs 20-08-21

I take a trip through Blackpool Town Centre on a damp but muggy Friday night. In this video I feature a few pubs & clubs that I have not shown before + a few restaurants that you may like to visit as well.

Released: 19:30hrs 19-08-21

I cover the Blackpool RNLI on their weekly training day.

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