Injuries to Keshi Anderson and James Husband a worry for Blackpool boss Neil Critchley

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Blackpool boss Neil Critchley hopes the injuries to Keshi Anderson and James Husband are not “as serious as they look” after being fully assessed this week.

Critchley said: “It was a big blow. Keshi has scored our goal and has been a big player for us, and to see him limp off the pitch holding his hamstring is not nice.

“Hubby again felt his hamstring a little bit. We’re hoping that one is not as bad but we’ll assess them both.

Keshi Anderson receives treatment at Hartlepool but had to leave the field before half-time

Keshi Anderson receives treatment at Hartlepool but had to leave the field before half-time

“Those two players have been regulars in our team this season, so it isn’t ideal.

“They have been linking up well on the left side and have built a relationship.

“When they come off you do lose that bit of harmony, if you like, in the team and we certainly lost that at the start of the second half. It will give other players an opportunity to play.”

Husband’s early exit provided a chance for Luke Garbutt to return after injury for his first game in over two months.

Critchley was not using the injuries as an excuse for the 2-1 upset against League Two opposition.

He added: “It is not the reason we lost but it did disrupt us a little because you are bringing off two players who have been mainstays of our team this season.

“It then limits what you can do second half because we only had one stoppage left – you can only make three stoppages although you can make five subs.

“We could have used that stoppage straight after they went 2-1 up, but then you are thinking that if you make the stoppage too soon you wouldn’t have any left with a long time to play.

“So it was that balancing act – when do you flip the coin and take that calculated risk?”

Town brought on Demetri Mitchell and Jerry Yates on 78 minutes and Critchley added: “We had a right go near the end. We got lots of balls into the box but nothing quite fell for us. We still created opportunities but just didn’t take them.”

Husband and Anderson had both started three games in seven days over the festive season and Critchley conceded that could have been a factor in their injuries.