ITV responds to rumours Jenna Coleman’s Victoria has been axed

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Jenna Coleman stars as Queen Victoria in the ITV drama – but fans may have to wait a while for a fourth series


Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in the ITV series Victoria.
Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in the ITV series Victoria. (Image: ITV)

ITV has announced that it has “no plans presently” to film more series of the drama Victoria, starring Blackpool’s Jenna Coleman.

The historial drama, based on Queen Victoria’s 64-year reign, has kept viewers captivated since it first came to our screens in 2016, but it’s not known when it will return for a fourth series.

So far the series has followed the early years of Victoria’s reign as the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland during the 1800s.

Viewers have also seen Victoria’s relationship with Prince Albert, played by Tom Hughes, flourish with Victoria giving birth to the first six of her nine children.

Fans were sent in to a frenzy recently after The Sun claimed that the drama had been cancelled due to a decline in viewers.

But in a statement explaining where the series is headed, ITV said: “There are no plans presently to film Victoria, but that’s not to say we won’t revisit the series with the production team at a later date.”

In 2019, Jenna confirmed that the series would take a break following the conclusion of the third series.

Speaking to Graham Norton on Radio 2 after the last series was released in 2019, Jenna explained that they needed a “bit of a breather” before resuming the series as “there’s a lot of conversations to be had” about where the story should go next.

Jenna Coleman stars as Queen Victoria I.
Jenna Coleman stars as Queen Victoria I. (Image: ITV)

Whilst fans may have a while to wait for series 4, Jenna had raised some concerns about the “realistic” nature of her playing an ageing monarch.

The Blackpool actress told Graham Norton: “I’ve currently got seven children in the show, so there’s definitely a point where it becomes not realistic anymore. I’ve just caught up with her age and my age.”

In 2020, Jenna assured viewers that there is “too much of a good story” to stop making the show, but she is “waiting” until she ages a bit more.

Until the show returns, fans can watch Jenna in her recent BBC One and Netflix drama, The Serpent, following an eight-part series about the real-life story of Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer who murdered young tourists in the 1970s.