Kirkham man Oliver Major poured petrol outside Blackpool woman’s flat

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A man who poured a can of petrol outside a mum and child’s flat – mistakenly believing his ex lived there – has been given a suspended jail term.


Oliver Major, 27, formerly of Preston Street, Kirkham, had drunkenly attended Gateside Court instead of Furness Court on Furness Avenue, Blackpool, demanding to speak to his former partner.

Preston Crown Court heard on November 27, 2019, a resident was at home with her daughter when was awoken by a loud bang at her door at 6am and could hear a man saying: ‘Let me in.’

The woman looked out of her window and saw a man outside. He stood banging on the door for around 25 minutes, prompting another resident to call police, but he walked away.

Crown Court

Crown Court

The mum returned to bed but was woken again at 8am by the same male who shouted: “I know you have your daughter.”

When she threatened to call the police he retorted: ” Go on then, I’m going to set your house on fire.”

Major, now of Luton Road, Thornton, then paused before adding: “Oh, I’ve already done it

Prosecutors said the terrified mum could smell a strong smell of petrol and remembered a petrol can had been left outside her property.

Other neighbours witnessed his actions.

Man’s arson threat

One man, who heard him shouting, saw the petrol can on the ground outside the door and could smell fuel, so he swilled it away with soapy water.

Another mum told officers he pressed her intercom, asked for a cigarette and asked where his ex girlfriend was.

She saw him pick up a green petrol can and pour it around a door and also throw petrol at the door.

Major was found a few streets away and had to be subdued with Pava spray after telling officers:” It’ll take seven of you to take me down so give it a go” before rolling up his sleeves.

While a lighter was found on him, prosecutors agreed there was no evidence it was produced following pouring of petrol.

Major, who has 15 convictions for 20 offences including burglary and robbery, admitted threatening to destroy or damage property.

Defending, Martin Reid told the court it was a “drunken mistake ” while looking for someone he knew to assist him after he had lost phone at a house party and accepted his “demeanour quickly deteriorated” when he believed no-one was willing to assist him.

The court heard he had suffered ongoing difficulties since a head injury in 2010.

Imposing 12 months, suspended for two years, with a curfew and 120 hours of unpaid work, Judge Richard Gioserano accepted he had responded positively since to a court order, had gained employment and had addressed his drinking.

He said: ” You took your frustration and anger out on other people.

“You clearly decided to frighten people, in their homes, that you would set their homes on fire.

“I can tell you straight away there has to be a sentence of imprisonment here, and if I had been sentencing nearer the time you would have had to serve that sentence right now.