Lancaster and Fleetwood MP tells people to ‘get vaccinated’ as she recovers from Covid

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Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith has urged people to get vaccinated against Covid after revealing she currently has the virus.


Ms Smith, who is fully vaccinated, said on social media that she had contracted Covid-19 over Christmas.

And she said she was “wiped out” by the “nasty” virus, which had left her feeling too tired to walk upstairs.

“Please get vaccinated and take up the booster. I’m young(ish), I eat healthy, I exercise and Covid has wiped me out,” Ms Smith said on Facebook.

Cat Smith MP.

Cat Smith MP.

“Without vaccinations I dread to think how sick I would be right now, so please take up a vaccine even if you feel superhuman because this virus is nasty.”

I’m managing at home but I’ve not got dressed in days & I can’t walk up stairs without having a nap. I dread to think how sick I might have been without 2 jabs & booster #GetVaccinated”