Linda Nolan teases Nolans Christmas album in intriguing tweet

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Could a Christmas album be on the cards for the Nolan sisters?


Linda Nolan has teased a Nolans Christmas album on Twitter
Linda Nolan has teased a Nolans Christmas album on Twitter (Image: ITV)

A new Christmas album could be hitting the shelves as one of the Nolan sisters took to Twitter to tease fans.

Linda Nolan posted an intriguing Tweet that left fans wanting to know more.

In the Tweet, Linda teased that making a Christmas album was something the family had always wanted to do and asked fans what they would like to hear.

Since then, she’s been inundanted with replies from people about what festive tunes they’d like to hear the sisters sing.

The Tweet, which was a reply to a fan, reads: “A Nolans Christmas album? Funnily enough, a Christmas album is the one album we’ve always wanted to do – but never had the chance! Would you guys want one? What songs would you want us to do?”

Suggestions include, one from Tony Hawes which says: “If you recorded a Christmas album it would be great if you could include a new original song. You have definitely got the talent to do it. Have a good Christmas girls.”

Another from Di Price suggested: “Linda, you have to sing I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. All the girls have to sing Stay another day by east 17. Got to make this happen for 2022.”

Liane Hawes said: “Ooh yes please that would be awesome. A Nolans version of Boney M’s Mary’s Boy Child would be great. Happy Christmas.”

John Hastings had a few suggestions for the sisters. He said: “I still find it astonishing that you & the girls never got the opportunity to record a Christmas album. I would welcome one for next year & the songs I propose are:- I Believe In Father Christmas (Greg Lake) Marshmallow World (Darlene Love) That Silent Night (Jim Brickman).”