Magistrates warn Fleetwood man to cancel Gretna Green wedding or face celebrating honeymoon behind bars

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A bricklayer has been given an ultimatum by magistrates – cancel your wedding or celebrate your honeymoon behind bars.


Lee Morrison, 46, faces a tough choice despite his Gretna ceremony – and hotel reception – being booked and paid for by his bride-to-be.

That’s because Morrison, of Oxford Road, Fleetwood, is currently banned from seeing his fiancé under the terms of a non-molestation order handed out by a family court.

The brickie, who was in the dock to admit breaching the order – and threatening to kick his love’s door in – was told by chairman of the bench Edward Beaman: “I strongly suggest you cancel this wedding. If it goes ahead, you will be in breach of the court order again and face going to prison.”

Blackpool Magistrates' Court

Blackpool Magistrates’ Court

The order was put in place in July at the woman’s request, the court was told. The couple reconciled until earlier this month, when Morrison got drunk and the police got involved.

Prosecutor Scott Parker said: “In interview [with police], Morrison explained how the woman wanted him back and she told him she no longer wanted the court order and wrongly thought she could decide whether he could see her or not.
“Morrison thought all was going well and she had booked and paid for their wedding later this month.”

Defending, David Charnely said: “I have told my client that, whilst this order is in place, he must have no contact with this lady.

“He did not instigate the reconciliation; she did.

“She fixed their wedding day at Gretna Green and the nearby Lockerbie hotel, costing a great deal of money.

“However, there is a court order in place and, unless this is overturned or the passage of time means it reaches its end, there must be no contact.”

Morrison was given a one-year community punishment with 25 rehabilitation days, and he must do 125 hours’ unpaid work and pay £180 costs.