Netflix Stay Close viewers confused by ‘ridiculous error’ involving Blackpool, Morecambe and Chorley filming locations

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The drama, starring James Nesbitt, was filmed across the north west


Scenes from Netflix drama Stay Close were filmed in Blackpool

Netflix drama Stay Close has hit our screens but a “ridiculous error” is proving to be a big distraction with some viewers saying it’s made them turn off.

The show, starring James Nesbitt, came on to Netflix on December 31 and has featured on the streaming service’s most-viewed list with fans binging it in a day.

Stay Close, based on the Harlan Coben novel of the same name, was filmed across the North West including in Blackpool, Chorley and Morecambe as well as Runcorn and Manchester.

The series, which consists of eight episodes, centres around mum Megan, played by actress Cush Jumbo, and how a dark secret from her past comes back to haunt her.

At the same time detectives are investigating a missing persons case which is led by Nesbitt’s character Broome.

The book is set in Atlantic City, however creators of the Netflix series opted to give it a North West spin – of sorts, reports the ECHO.

Stay Close filmed in Manchester, Blackpool and St Helens (Image: Netflix)

Those watching the show have spotted locations from across the region including Blackpool beach, Morecambe Promenade as well as St Helens Dream Sculpture near Wigan, the Silver Jubilee Bridge in Halton and the former nightclub Shorrocks Hill in Formby.

However, viewers have taken to Twitter to highlight the “random” way that the locations have been pieced together to appear as though they are part of the same city.

One viewer took to Twitter to highlight the odd route she took.

They wrote: “Watching the first episode of Stay Close on Netflix and a character just drove over Runcorn bridge, turned right off Blackpool Prom onto Talbot Road and ended up at the dream sculpture in St. Helens. I think she needs to get a sat nav.”

While others say the mixed up locations made them turn off altogether.

James Nesbitt spotted filming new Netflix show Stay Close in rural Chorley (Image: Keith Ellison)

Viv Harris wrote: “Given up Stay Close for now after two episodes. Completely ridiculous and unbelievable, to say nothing about the random locations around the North West all appearing to be next to each other or a short car ride away.

“It’s a no from me I’m afraid, I was really looking forward to it.”

Paul Phipps added: “Harlan Coben’s Stay Close spoilt for me by inferring local landmarks such as Runcorn Bridge, Tatton Park, Dream Statue and Arley Hall are all around Blackpool.”

Danielle Walsh also wrote: “Really like Stay Close on Netflix but I’m struggling with the filming locations… they left Widnes, drove south over the bridge to Runcorn, to arrive north in Blackpool, then the Dream in St Helens and finally arriving at Rivington Pike.”

Another viewer tweeted: “There’s some big plot holes in Stay Close on Netflix. One of the characters has just driven over the Runcorn Bridge, through Blackpool and ended up at The Dream in St Helens. Not buying it.”

Derek Webster said: “Watching Stay Close but when you know the locations it can be distracting.

“Set in a mythical town you see characters drive over the old Widnes/Runcorn bridge. Then Blackpool, Formby, St Helens and Manchester. I spend most of it saying I know where that is!”