New ‘bucket and spade trade’ frog bin installed at Anchorsholme Park

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A new frog-shaped recycling bin has been installed at Anchorsholme Park, to encourage children to share their toys and simultaneously keep plastic out of the sea.

The bin, which cost around £300, was funded by Blackpool firm Glasdon UK, and the idea was the brainchild of Emma Howard, a Co-op community member pioneer for Blackpool.

Miss Howard’s role entails thinking of innovative ways to improve the Blackpool community, and she was keen to help with the prevention of plastic ending up in the sea.

Emma said: “My job is basically to look for potential issues in the area and try to address them.

Anchorsholme Park's new "bucket and spade trade" frog bin.

Anchorsholme Park’s new “bucket and spade trade” frog bin.

“I used to work in a hotel, and I saw for myself the amount of plastic buckets and spades which were left behind by families – so I know there is a big issue with plastic, especially in the sea.

“I’m hoping parents visiting the park will encourage their children to put their plastic toys in the bin, not only because it teaches them to share but also because they can say they’re helping animals.

“Hopefully by putting their buckets and spades in the frog bin, other children can reuse them and it keeps the plastic out of the sea.”

Neil Gilkes, national sales manager at Glasdon UK, added: “We were delighted to be asked to work on this innovative project for the park. We upcycled one of our existing products to bring Frog to life and it really is great to see the way the local community has embraced the idea and the positive impact this scheme is already having.”

Emma is hoping to gain more sponsorships for the scheme from local businesses or donors, to provide more parks and seafronts across the Fylde coast with the bins.

If you can help, you can email her here.