Pair met by police at Blackpool North train station after romping on camera while sat near schoolgirl

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A randy scouse couple on their way to Blackpool were arrested at the resort’s railway station after being caught romping on camera by their train’s driver.


Mum-of-four Jessica Doyle, 38, was seen with her head on the lap of her now ex-fella Nathan Fowler – who was later seen wiping something on his coat – Blackpool Magistrates’ Court was told.

Doyle, of Melwood Drive, Liverpool, who wept as she was ordered to pay £239 in fines and costs, admitted outraging public decency on the Liverpool Lime Street to Blackpool North train last July.

Fowler, 31, of Stokesay Court, Ellesmere Port, didn’t turn up to court so magistrates ordered police to find and arrest him.

The pair were met by police at Blackpool North train stationThe pair were met by police at Blackpool North train station

Prosecutor Janice Vallance said the pair had a hotel room booked in the resort and were rumbling towards the coast when they were seen snogging.

Neither was wearing a mask despite Covid laws saying they should – catching the attention of the driver, who periodically watched them on the camera.

The court was told Doyle was seen with her hand down Fowler’s pants as the train approached Euxton, near Chorley.

Ms Vallance said: “The driver saw Doyle with her hand on his lap engaging in oral sex and, by the time the Northern Rail train reached Leyland, Fowler was seen wiping something from his hand on his coat.

“Later, each one blamed the other for what had gone on.

“There was a mother and her eight-year-old child sat nearby on that train.”

The couple were nicked by British Transport Police officers, who met the train at Blackpool North.

Defending, Hugh Pond said: “My client maintains the man instigated what went on.

“They had both been drinking and she cannot recollect what went on or anybody being nearby.

“This was an isolated incident in unusual circumstances.”