Readers have their say after The Miller Arms receives angry backlash over Christmas Day ‘mayhem’

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The Miller Arms came under scrutiny this week after guests took to social media to complain about long wait times and overcrowding.


The Miller Arms

The Miller Arms

The gastro pub in Singleton had reportedly left people out in the cold, children screaming that they had not received their dinner and that social distancing guidelines were not being followed. The scenes at the pub were described as “mayhem.”

Here is what the general public had to say about the story.

Skeleton staff due to covid or whatever… and these poor staff are getting shouted at. Those taking it out on the staff need to do one and maybe think about their actions. Granted the management should have dealt with the whole situation and service delivery more professionally. People need to understand that we are in a difficult time at the moment. If anyone made my staff cry, am sorry they would be launched out the door.

David Bone

I went there a few weeks ago and walked out. I had booked a table but told they were not taking any more orders was kitchen too busy at 6pm. Then 30 minutes later, was told run out of all carvery meat. Only kids left to deal with angry customers, not a manager in site. Seems nothing has changed.

Jackie Hammond

I can’t believe people think it’s ok to turn up an hour late and still expect to eat. I’m sure they were given a choice of times for each sitting, and then take it out on the staff is horrendous behaviour.

Siobhan B Hartley

It’s not just Xmas day there’s this problem. Every time we have been in the past, it’s been the same. Stopped going after the last meal was horrendous. Messaged them and they weren’t bothered at all. Says a lot really.

Leighanne Hughes

To be fair, it was a mess, an absolute joke, but I personally had a great time with my family. I enjoyed my time with them and I would like to thank my family for a great time with them! Oh and to the lad that said why do you go to a pub for Xmas dinner, get a life! It’s called personal choice and I don’t need you telling what I should do on Xmas day!

Lynne Webb

Employing a load of children and paying £4 is another down fall, especially on Christmas Day! The poor kids are run off their feet for £30 a week.

Dawn Craig

Well not to sound horrible, but if your worried about social distances, then better off staying at home. That way, you know you many there are and you won’t need to wait.

Alison Roper

Can I just say watching the news the other day, it was about the famine in Madagascar, the children were eating cactus leaves to stay alive!!!!! They had food eventually, where’s the problem? They should have mucked it and helped clear the tables … not the end of the world.

Christine Thorpe

What happened to buying a turkey? Stay at home and cook the bird!! Surely everyone knows how to turn an oven on??!

Lee Barratt

The social distancing thing is a funny one… A friend of mine was in Morrisons the other day and complained to me that “no one was enforcing social distancing.” It’s not a thing that should ever need to be enforced. Everyone is an adult, everyone knows what 2 metres/6’6 looks like, it’s down to people to self enforce it, and if they can’t or don’t like it then go somewhere else. Retail and catering staff have too many plates to spin as it is without chasing around the general public with a tape measure.

Jerry Tewkesbury