Vicki Oyston appears in court to appeal £660 fine for driving offence

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Vicki Oyston, the wife of former Blackpool FC owner Owen Oyston, has appeared in court today to protest the outcome of a previous hearing she failed to attend.

Vicki Oyston

Vicki Oyston

Ms Oyston, 51, was stopped by police while driving in the Northamptonshire area in October 2020, when she refused to give her name or provide identification.

She was charged with failing to provide driver information.

In a court hearing in February, which she did not attend, she was ordered to pay a £660 fine, £60 victims surchage, £90 in court costs, and received six points on her drivers licence.

A court spokesman said prior to the hearing, Ms Oyston received paperwork from the police to fill in and provide to the court, however, she failed to do so.

She appeared at Northampton Magistrates Court this morning to submit an appeal for the case to be reopened.