Visitor to Blackpool furious at police reaction after damage to his car

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A tourist visiting Blackpool says he is furious after police told him no action would be taken after an incident left his car badly damaged.


Paul Youden, of Deal in Kent, says a driverless vehicle parked on the railway bridge on Harrowside in South Shore rolled down and crashed into his car, which was parked further down the road at Gill Court.

Mr Youden said the rear of his blue-grey Skoda Karoq was ‘stoved in’, including damage to the bumper, and he says it could cost up to £4,000 to put right.

The freelance journalist, who is in his seventies, believes the hand brake may have been off the other car, causing it to career down the hill.

Paul Youden was furious after police said collision would not be investigated

Paul Youden was furious after police said collision would not be investigated

He says the owner later had his own damaged vehicle towed away by the AA but made no effort to contact Mr Youden about the accident.

Police gave Mr Youden two reference numbers when he contacted them about the incident, but he was later told no further action would be taken.

And a police spokesman told the Gazette that Mr Youden had been advised to contact his insurance company about the incident.

Damage to Paul Youden's car after collision

Damage to Paul Youden’s car after collision

Mr Youden was staying at his partner’s home at Gill Court on Friday November 26 when the incident occurred.

He said: “To my mind the owner of this car has caused an accident, failed to report an accident and potentially put people’s lives in danger.

“What if there was a child or an elderly person trying to cross the road?

“I can’t understand why the police deem that this matter is not worth following up on.

“The woman on the end of the phone literally said ‘we have no interest in such accidents’, which I find astounding.”

He said the collision had been captured on the CCTV system at Gill Court and police would be able to go and view it.

Mr Youden says his insurance company will pay for the damage but it will cost him £320 on his no claims cover.

He added: “I am furious that Lancashire Police have effectively let this man get away with causing this damage to my car, which is my pride and joy.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “He (Mr Youden) has been advised to speak to his insurance company and it’s not a matter for a police investigation.”