Volunteers still wanted for Blackpool saxophone trials that could help asthma sufferers

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Music tutors at a Blackpool school are still looking for volunteers to take part in a saxophone trial that could help improve the breathing of those living with asthma.

The Blackpool Music School (BMS) in Waterloo Road, Marton, was awarded £10,000 from the National Lottery to help people with breathing difficulties.

The Gazette was invited last week by BMS chairman and founder John Shaw to have a go on one of the instruments.
BMS saxophone tutor Ray Jones and reporter James Graves

They replicate all the controls of a brass saxophone while being much lighter and they can also be programmed to play tunes wirelessly through speakers.

John said the trials are a chance for asthma sufferers to help themselves but also potentially many others.

John said: “We have four volunteers but we are still looking for four more to take part in the 12-month trials.

“We are hoping to prove that with regular use of a wind instrument this can assist with controlled breathing.

Four more volunteers are wanted for the trialFour more volunteers are wanted for the trial

“If someone is a diagnosed asthmatic we believe we can help them, and we will be able to show them how to control their breathing, which may help reduce any asthma attacks in the future.

“We are hoping all the monitoring information and data we gain from the trial will be recorded by a research team or doctor.

“This can then be passed onto the health teams and researchers and the results should show that musical instruments may be able to help with medical conditions such as asthma.”

John hopes a doctor will be able to help with the research and is trying to get one from the resort on board with a fee also included for their help.

Each of the volunteers will be using electric saxophones, which cost more than £400.

BMS saxophone tutor Ray Jones said: “They really are a fantastic bit of kit and, for the people taking part in the trial the instruments, will really help them along the way.”

The trials are free but there is a £24 monthly cost for insurance purposes.