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Welcome to A Walk on the Wild Side.

Stephen Cheatley an award winning professional photographer specializing in travel, weather & astronomy.

He posts walk around video content mainly in my hometown of Blackpool, which looks at different sides of the town from rundown streets to the famous promenade, as well as capturing the various characters along the way.

Stephen will include some photography if it is convenient. Sometimes he may venture further than Blackpool to vlog in some far flung place.

His award winning picture!

Stephen Cheatley: “Captured crashing down over my hometown of Blackpool in the summer of 2015 titled ‘Electric Blackpool’.
The picture went viral at the time, and appeared in most major newspapers. Lightning storms, particularly with the intensity of the one I captured are extremely rare in this part of the world, with maybe just one or two per year if we are lucky. This statistic makes the shot even more remarkable, and it is now firmly a part of history, which I will talk about as long as I live. The image went on to win the RMetS Weather Photographer of the Year award in 2018, a competition which I helped judge the following year.”

Click here to read more about my win from the Royal Meteorological Society website

Here is a BBC article about my win

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24 Jul 2022

A short tour of the quaint village of Wrea Green in Lancashire, which is just a ten minute drive from Blackpool.

23 Jul 2022

I take you on a tour of Blackpool’s pubs & clubs around the town centre & promenade on a busy Saturday night.

22 Jul 2022

I take you on a short tour of Blackpool’s official red light area to see what is open, and what is not.

21 Jul 2022

Join me for a livestream in Blackpool, starting at 19:00 until 20:00hrs.

20 Jul 2022

I take a look at a piece of greenbelt land just to the northeast of Blackpool, by the railway track leading from North Station.

Thanks to https://www.youtube.com/user/the1lemming for shooting the vid on a Panasonic Lumix GH5.

I used a Nikon D850 with 600mm lens for railway line clips.

18 Jul 2022

A brief video from Blackpool Promenade on the hottest day of the year so far in 2022.

17 Jul 2022

I bring you the atmosphere of a very busy Fleetwood on Tram Sunday.

Brian House Children’s Charity

Tram Town

16 Jul 2022

I bring you the build up to the friendly game between Blackpool FC and Rangers on Saturday July 16th. An estimated 8,000 Rangers fans were expected to attend the game. The final score was Blackpool 1-2 Rangers.

16 Jul 2022

I bring you the action as the Queen’s Commonwealth Baton Relay comes to sunny Blackpool.

Premier 20:00 12/07/22

I take you on a very brief tour of the Albert and the Lion Wetherspoons pub, which is situated in the Woolworths Building (1938) on Blackpool Promenade.

Live 21:00 11/07/22

An impromptu livestream on a very calm summer evening in Blackpool

Premier 17:00 09/07/22

Blackpool North Railway Station was closed for several hours on Sunday July 10th as a suspicious package was found on the platform. All images courtesy of BPL Bible on Facebook and Lancs Live.

Premier 21:00 09/07/22

A short video of the Red Arrows taking off over the sand dunes in St Annes as they perform for the Southport Airshow.


Premier 20:00 09/07/22

I film the Red Arrows as the arrive in Blackpool to perform for the Southport Airshow. There are just 7 planes instead of the usual 9.

Premier 20:00 08/07/22

I visit the Gurkha Buffet Restaurant and adjoining pub on Waterloo Road in South Shore Blackpool.

Live 20:30 07/07/22

Join me for a livestream from south Blackpool starting at 20:30hrs until sunset. Get more from me

Premier 20:00 05/07/22

A walk to Blackpool Pleasure Beach starting in residential South Shore Blackpool. I show a few tree lined streets along the way, starting with Marton Drive, where I grew up.


Premier 18:00 05/07/22

I visit Higgitt’s Vegas arcade in Blackpool to open gifts that have been kindly sent in by fans of the channel. C.R.A.P Letters, 6-8 Dale Street Blackpool FY1 5AF

Premier 19:00 05/07/22

A walk to Blackpool Pleasure Beach starting in residential South Shore Blackpool. I show a few tree lined streets along the way, starting with Marton Drive, where I grew up.

Premier 19:00 04/07/22

I revisit the Foxhall area of Blackpool, where I made my first official vlog for the channel.

Will much have changed in the two years that have passed since?

Premier 19:00 03/07/22

A little video of the Blackpool Carnival 2922. In 2023 it will run for 9 days.

Premier 19:00 02/07/22

I visit Mr Basrai’s World Cuisine buffet restaurant in Blackpool to give an idea of what is on offer, and how much.

More info here https://www.mrbasrai.com

Premier 19:00 01/07/22

I take you down Palatine Road in Blackpool, starting at the Whitegate Drive end and finishing at Central Drive.

Premier 20:00 30/06/22

I took a tour of the Old Bank Apartments in Talbot Square Blackpool, which has been transformed into an upmarket Air B&B.

Premier 20:00 28/06/22

I take a very brief look inside the Spyglass Bar in Blackpool.

Premier 20:00 27/06/22

A big day in Blackpool on Monday 27th of June as daytime testing gets underway for the trams heading off the promenade and up Talbot Road to connect with Blackpool North Railway Station.

Premier 20:00 26/06/22

Join me for a leisurely walk around Marton Mere, the Village Hotel and Blackpool Zoo.

Premier 20:00 25/06/22

I take you on a walk up Dickson Road in Blackpool from Gynn Square to the town centre.

Dickson Road has quite contrasting sections, starting with a popular shopping area before moving into a rundown section in the middle.

The final section is from Pleasant Street northwards through the lively gay village.

Premier 20:00 24/06/22

I take a walk along the North Pier to take a look at the Bloom Bar.

Premier 20:00 23/06/22

The St Chads hotel on Blackpool Promenade could soon become history as the Singaporean business group that owns it wants to knock it all down and build a brand new state of the art hotel with underground parking on the site.

The only question is will work start before Blackpool Illuminations, as the council are not keen on the idea of it coming down until after the lights have finished.

Live 20:00 22/06/22

Join me for a livestream of the sunset from Cleveleys Promenade, just up the coast from Blackpool 21:0022:00hrs

Premier 19:00 21/06/22

I take you on a narrated bus ride from Fat Man’s Corner in Marton to the famous Blackpool Tower via the No6 bus.

Premier20:00 19/06/22

We stumbled upon a bunch of dinosaurs at the end of the North Pier in Blackpool. They are part of a show called Jurassic Live, which is a one day show from Sunday 19th of June at 1pm. https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-…

Premier 18:00 18/06/22

On the 12th of November 1999 Alan Rosser, a back street garage owner, was shot & killed at his place of work situated behind the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool.

To this date, the killer has never been found, but the murder is thought to have likely been related to drugs or an unpaid debt.

The murder happened at Alan’s workshop, which was located in the yard behind the gates next to the building featured in the video.

*This video was shot in April 2021* Story and more info here: https://blackpoolcrime.wordpress.com/… http://www.unsolved-murders.co.uk/mur…

Premier 19:00 17/06/22

I take you on a tour of some of the side streets in Blackpool that hang off Central Drive, including Ibbison Court, Ribble Road and the red light area. Baby neglect story https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/543…

Live 20:00 15/06/22

Join me for a livestream from St Annes in Lancashire from 20:00hrs BST

Premier 18:00 14/06/22

Thanks to all who have sent me gifts over the past few weeks. I open a few up in this video.

Premier 18:00 13/06/22

I walk the new cycle lane from St Annes to Blackpool a month after opening to see how it is fairing.

Live: 18:00 07-06-22

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool at 18:00hrs where I will be answering questions all things Blackpool & surrounding areas.


Slow Mode is enabled so I won’t get swamped with messages.

Premier: 19:00hrs 07-06-22

I visit Southport in Merseyside to check out the UK’s 2nd longest pier, Pleasureland and an amazing view of Blackpool.


Premier: 19:00hrs 03-06-22

I take a look at some large buildings in Blackpool town centre of which most have been empty, or partly empty for years after their original purpose. The main post office is the largest of the empty buildings, being closed since 2007, but plans are in place to turn it into a hotel & bistro.

Premier: 19:00hrs 02-06-22

Vintage Blackpool trams form a parade along the famous Golden Mile to huge crowds as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations weekend.

Premier: 21:00hrs 01/06/22

I noticed a couple of fire engines outside the Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chip restaurant situated in the Tower building in Blackpool.

It looked like a kitchen fire incident.

Premier: 19:00hrs 31-05-22

I take you on a complete circuit of Blackpool Victoria Hospital and talk about the history of the building, which opened on East Park Drive (Now Whinney Heys Road) in 1936 after moving from Whitegate Drive.

Premier: 19:30hrs 29-05-22

I take you on a tour of Kirkham and Wesham in Lancashire, just down the road from Blackpool.

Premier: 19:00hrs 27-05-22

I take you on an evening walk along Lytham Road in Blackpool, starting at the southern end next to the entrance of Blackpool Airport. As the walk progresses north towards Manchester Square, the road changes from upmarket & tree lined to more downmarket and deprived.

Premier: 18:00hrs 27-05-22

Bloke rides disability scooter at night the wrong direction along a main road in Blackpool with no lights on whilst pulling a piece of metal.

Premier: 18:00hrs 26-05-22

I check out Salisbury Woodland, a compact park area situated between Blackpool Zoo and the Stanley Park Golf Course.

At the eastern end of the woodland is a World War 2 bunker, or pill box, which was constructed around 1940 to defend the nearby Blackpool Aerodrome where Blackpool Zoo now sits.

Premier: 17:00hrs 25-05-22

I take you on a quick tour of St Annes Beach where it begins at the southern end of Blackpool Promenade.

We also get to see the land yachting, which is a very popular pastime on St Annes Beach.

Premier: 17:00hrs 24-05-22

A quick video to let you know that the Central Pier big wheel is now being reconstructed after refurbishment.

Live: 20:30hrs 22-05-22

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool promenade 20:30hrs onwards where I will hope to bring you the sunset as the rain clouds clear away.

Follow Hiking Tim here https://www.youtube.com/c/HikingTim

Premier: 18:30hrs 21-05-22

I take you on a tour of Whitegate Drive in Blackpool by night, showing some of the popular pubs & restaurants along the way.

Premier: 18:00hrs 20-05-22

I tour a guest house in the Foxhall area of Blackpool, which has been left empty since the early eighties.

The property has 12 bedrooms over two floors with a single toilet on each to serve 6 rooms.

There is just one shower for all of the rooms, situated on the top landing.

The building has been purchased to renovate into modern apartments.

Live: 18:30hrs 18-05-22

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool Promenade

Premier: 19:00hrs 16-05-22

I made a quick video of a potential thunderstorm brewing over Blackpool.

It passed to the east of the town on this occasion, but I’m sure we will get more as summer heat builds up.

Premier: 21:00hrs 14-05-22

I take you on a tour of Blackpool’s pubs & clubs, concentrating on the lively Gay Village area of the town.

Premier: 19:00hrs 13-05-22

I take you on a tour of Bolton Street in Blackpool.

The street runs parallel to Blackpool Promenade from Waterloo Road almost to Manchester Square behind all the main hotels.

The street narrows into what looks more like an alley as it goes north.

Live: 18:30hrs 11-05-22

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool Promenade 18:3019:30hrs.

Premier: 21:00hrs 08-05-22

I stumbled upon a major police incident at South Pier in Blackpool on Sunday evening at around 19:30 hrs.

It appears someone was attacked on the pier, multiple suspects involved which was the reason for the large police turnout.

Premier: 19:00hrs 06-05-22

I take a walk along Brighton Promenade and into the town to check out the nightlife and see how it compares with where I live in Blackpool. It was a relatively quiet Wednesday night when I filmed this video.

Premier: 19:00hrs 02-05-22

I return to Blackpool Promenade to check on the empty hotels I visited one year earlier to see if any progress had been made.

The President Hotel on North Promenade was the only hotel which had opened since, leaving the rest of the hotels in a state of disrepair, or in the case of the Easy Hotel, unfinished.

Premier: 20:00hrs 02-05-22

Join me as I take the ferry from Fleetwood to Knott End over the River Wyre.

Premier: 18:00hrs 02-05-22

Join me for a livestream in Blackpool from Stanley Park. Get more from me at Patreon!

Premier: 20:00hrs 30-04-22

A quickly filmed video to bring you the atmosphere from Blackpool town centre during Young Farmers weekend 2022 on Saturday 30th of April.

They were allegedly banned for the last couple of years after causing a lot of trouble, but they are now back.

Will it kick off again?

Premier: 19:00hrs 30-04-22

I tour the main open air council car parks from south shore to town to see how secure they are as well as give you an idea of how busy they get.

Premier: 20:00hrs 29-04-22

I stayed in one of the worst rated hotels in Bournemouth via Tripadvisor.

The Russell Court Hotel on Bath Road. My original intention was to stay at The Brittania Hotel nearby, but it appeared to be full of asylum seekers/refugees, so I chose the next worse I could find which was this one.

Premier: 20:00hrs 27-04-22

I show you all the public toilets I can find in Blackpool.

The toilets are now a ‘pay-as-you-pee’ and it costs 40p to spend a penny.

Live: 18:00hrs 27-04-22

Join me for an impromptu livestream from Brighton Promenade. 18:0018:30hrs

Premier: 19:00hrs 25-04-22

I take you on a tour of Bournemouth town centre & promenade, showing you the pretty bits and not so pretty bits.

Premier: 19:00hrs 25-04-22

Join me as I ride on the newly opened cycle lane from Blackpool to St Annes along the busy Clifton Drive.

The road has had to be narrowed to accommodate the cyclists & pedestrians and this will mean no stopping for cars on this road like before.

Some have also complained that pedestrians have to walk on the outside, close to the traffic, whilst the cyclist’s lane is on the inside.

Live: 18:00hrs 24-04-22

Join me for a livestream from sunny Bournemouth 18:00hrs onwards.

Premier: 18:00hrs 23-04-22

I return to Bond Street in Blackpool. Once a thriving shopping street, but now a sad reflection of what it once was

Premier: 20:00hrs 20-04-22

Join me for a walk into Blackpool town centre starting in the residential streets of Stanley Park Ward.

Premier: 19:30hrs 19-04-22

I take you on a walking tour from Bispham Village up red Bank Road to Blackpool promenade where the illuminations arch is situated.

Premier: 19:00hrs 18-04-22

I take you on a walking tour of Havelock Street, Hornby Road, Vance Road and Hull Road which are sandwiched between Central Drive and Coronation Street in Blackpool.

Live: 18:30hrs 17-04-22

Join me for a livestream starting in Bispham Blackpool at 18:30 and heading onto the beach where the remains of the Abana, 125 year old shipwreck can be seen at low tide.

Premier: 19:00hrs 16-04-22

I take an evening walk through Blackpool town centre on Good Friday 2022 to see what is going on.

Premier: 21:30hrs 15-04-22

Hidden back streets and Alleys of Blackpool. What will we find?

Premier: 19:00hrs 15-04-22

I try an ice cream at the famous Pablo’s in Blackpool.

Premier: 19:00hrs 14-04-22

I take you on a drive along the M55 motorway right into the town centre of Blackpool and tell you which junction to get off and explain some of the sights along the way.

Premier: 20:00hrs 13-04-22

What is open and not open in Blackpool this Easter.

Pleasure Beach opening times https://www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.co…

Hole in Wand

Premier: 20:00hrs 12-04-22

I show you where you can park in Blackpool using council & private car parks as well as showing you some of the street parking limits.

I start at the Pleasure Beach end before moving into town to look at the Hounds Hill multi story.

Premier: 20:00hrs 11-04-22

I visit the town of Cleveleys, which is just up the coast from Blackpool and is very popular for shopping and also for escaping the bustle of Blackpool.

Cleveleys also has a recently developed new promenade complete with artworks including the very popular Mary’s Shell structure on the beach.

Live: 17:00hrs 10-04-22

Join me for a livestream from Anchorsholme Promenade in Blackpool where controversial speed ramps have been installed along the seafront road.

I’ll also be taking a look at the general area, including the park.

Premier: 19:00hrs 09-04-22

The popular pedestrianised shopping section of Waterloo Road in Blackpool gets a new surface to replace the former crumbling sets.

Premier: 21:00hrs 08-04-22

What you can see from Blackpool when you look out to sea. I show you how to find the Lake District, Barrow-in-Furness, the Isle of Man & Wales here.

Premier: 20:00hrs 02-04-22

I take a tour of Blackpool town centre on the night of April 1st 2022 to see what is happening, firstly in the red light district before heading into club & pub land.

Blackpool Council have introduced bus & taxi lane cameras to sections of Market St, Church st and Corperation St.

Find out more here https://www.blackpool.gov.uk/Resident…

Premier: 21:00hrs 01-04-22

I take you on a rather tense walk around the site of the condemned former Blackpool Central Police Station site and car park at night. The brutalist style police station & magistrates courts were completed in 1976 and were designed by Lancashire County Council architect Roger Booth, who was also responsible for designing various other northern police stations in the same style.

Live: 20:00hrs 30-03-22

Join me for a livestream in Blackpool + a special announcement! 8pm onwards.

Premier: 19:00hrs 29-03-22

I give you a tour of Higgitt’s Vegas Arcade on Dale Street in Blackpool including a quick look at Howarth’s One-Win Any-Prize Bingo next door.

I even get to try a £1 burger for myself. How will I rate it?

The C.R.A.P Box address is 6-8 Dale Street FY1 5AF

Live: 18:30hrs 27-03-22

Join me for a livestream as I walk from Blackpool to St Annes. 18:3020:00hrs

Premier: 20:00hrs 25-03-22

A set of five pairs of speed ramps are giving drivers the hump as they travel along Princes Way Promenade in Anchorshme Blackpool.

I take a close look at the pesky speed ramps and also try them out for myself. Are they the most severe speed humps in the UK?


Premier: 19:00hrs 25-03-22

Waterloo Road in Blackpool is getting badly needed new surfacing on the pedestrianised shopping section.

Live: 20:00hrs 24-03-22

Join me for an impromptu livestream to bring you the sunset from Blackpool.

Live: 19:15hrs 20-03-22

Join me for a livestream in Cleveleys, just up the road from Blackpool 19:15 hrs start.

Premier: 17:00hrs 24-03-22

The Yates South Shore pub in Blackpool closed it’s doors for good on March 19th.

The venue was a hugely popular venue in the 90’s and had one of the most advanced audio and lighting systems of the time in Blackpool. The building was formerly the Lion Hotel, ran by the Mathew Brown Brewery of Blackburn. Story about body find in 2018 https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/ne…


Premier: 21:00hrs 19-03-22

I take you on a drive of Blackpool Promenade in the sunshine, starting at Squires Gate Lane and ending at Central Pier.


Premier: 19:00hrs 19-03-22

I managed to capture the Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaving Blackpool on a private jet after giving his keynote speech at the Conservative party Conference held in the town. All photographs credited to Alistair Waling: https://inawemedia.co.uk


Premier: 20:00hrs 18-03-22

I take you on a tour of sunny Blackpool as the Tory Party Conference gets underway in the town centre.

Premier: 20:00hrs 17-03-22

I take you on an early morning tour of Blackpool Promenade as preparations take place for the Conservative party Conference at the all new Winter Gardens Conference & Exhibition Centre.

It is the very first event to be held at the new venue.

My website https://stephencheatleyphotography.co.uk

I bring you a short video on Stanley Park in Blackpool. It was mainly to test a new camera system I want to use. I show the restoration work on the Pavilion, which has been derelict for years. This video was primarily to test out a new camera system, which is a Panasonic Lumix GH5 and 12-35mm f/2.8 lens. Thanks to Frank in Blackpool for filming some of the clips https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr7d…

Premier: 20:00hrs 16-03-22

Premier: 20:00hrs 14-03-22

The famous Comedy Carpet at the foot of Blackpool Tower was getting a clean after it had got seriously dirty.

The two local companies doing the work are:

HLS Cleaning http://www.hlscleaning.co.uk 

Revive-A-Drive reviveadrive39@outlook.com

Premier: 20:00hrs 13-03-22

I take you on a walkaround of South Shore in Blackpool, showing you where the old Blackpool South Railway Station used to be as well as giving you an idea of car parking prices and how easy it is to get to the Pleasure Beach from Blackpool South main car park.

Live: 17:30 hrs 13-03-22

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool Promenade and we might even get to see a nice sunset

Premier: 20:30hrs 11-03-22

I take a little tour of the side streets of Central Blackpool before heading into the town centre to catch up on the development works of the new Wilko store and cinema on Coronation Street and the new tram station & hotel at Talbot Gateway.

Live: 18:00hrs 11-03-22

Join me for a livestream in Blackpool from 18:00hrs on March 11th 

Premier: 21:00hrs 06-03-22

My 2nd vlog in Manchester.

This time I take you on a tour of Chinatown and show some of the more murky elements of the city.

Follow markbtelevision at https://www.youtube.com/c/markbtelevi…

Also, be sure to give a follow to https://www.youtube.com/c/Northerners…

Premier: 21:00hrs 05-03-22

I take you on a little tour of Blackpool town centre on a Friday night in early March 2022.

Will it be busy?

There is also a lot going on with building work, so a lot of changes are taking place in Blackpool.

Premier: 19:00hrs 03-03-22

I take a drive around Blackpool Victoria Hospital which is close to Stanley Park and Blackpool Zoo in the town. There is a lot of work going on after the old mental health ward (Parkwood) was demolished, and it appears they are building a Nightingale section on the south side.

Premier: 20:00hrs 02-03-22

A quick video showing the amazing weather we had on March 1st along with some updates on stuff going on along the prom in Blackpool.

Premier: 19:00hrs 01-03-22

I show you Fat Man’s Corner in Blackpool, which is on the main road into the town.

There are a number of fast food outlets here now, but in the old days it was home to the large Television HQ building and a bakery.

The Pizza Hut is currently being demolished, but I’m not sure what will go in it’s place.

Premier: 20:00hrs 28-02-22

I take a drive through the streets of Blackpool’s second largest council estate, Mereside. This is the first time I have tried a driving video. Let me know what you think.

Premier: 20:00hrs 20-02-22

An underwater oil pipeline just off the coast of North Wales suffered a leak last week, which resulted in an oil slick and caused balls of tar to be washed up on beaches along the northwest coast, including Blackpool.

A week later, I take a look on the beach opposite the Tower to see if I can find any evidence of the tar balls.

Premier: 20:00hrs 20-02-22

It was a wild & windy Sunday in Blackpool, but the conditions did not put off the runners in the annual Half Marathon.

Stay tuned right to the end of the video for pictures.

My website https://stephencheatleyphotography.co.uk

Premier: 20:00hrs 19-02-22

Just a day after Storm Eunice battered Blackpool with 80mph gusting winds, we had our first snow of the winter 2021-22.

I made sure to get out and film it while it was sticking, as snow does not hang around long in Blackpool!

The lady with the umbrella is Caroline James Vlogs https://youtube.com/c/CarolineJamesVl…

Premier: 19:00hrs 18-02-22

Storm Eunice battered Blackpool with gusts of up to 70mph on February 18th 2022.

I bring you some of the action from South Promenade in the town.

My website https://stephencheatleyphotography.co.uk

Premier: 20:00hrs 15-02-22

Join me for the final part of my St Annes walk around videos. In this video I take a look around some of the residential areas of St Annes as well as showing the two links golf courses.

Premier: 20:00hrs 10-02-22

Join me for part 2 of my series on St Annes in Lancashire.

In this video I take a walk along the promenade starting at the north end & working my way past the pier and beach huts before finishing at the Grand Hotel. St Annes Beach Huts


If you like to purchase any of my photographs of St Annes & Blackpool, they can be found here


Premier: 20:00hrs 08-02-22

I take look around the town centre of St Annes in Lancashire in this first of a three part series on the town. See parts 2 and 3 for more of the town.


Live: 16:00hrs 06-02-22

Join me for a livestream from a mystery location on the Fylde Coast from 16:30hrs Sunday Feb 6th.


Short Video: 14:20hrs 06-02-22

A car for caused the tram tracks to be closed opposite the Pleasure Beach

Premier: 21:30hrs 05-02-22

Join me as I brave the stormy weather to bring you the action from Blackpool Promenade on Saturday 5th of February.

Premier: 20:00hrs 04-02-22

Join me for a tour of the old Central Police Station site in Blackpool including the magistrates courts, the soon to disappear Bonny Street Market and the surrounding car park before any works begin of the proposed £300M Blackpool Central Leisure Complex.

This video was shot on January 23rd, just before work got underway to construct a multi storey car park behind the King Edward pub & Picture Hall on Central Drive.

See images of architect Roger Booth’s other police station designs here


Premier: 19:00hrs 02-02-22

The sand dunes, or Starr Hills as they are otherwise known, that stretch from Blackpool to Lytham are looked after by a partnership of Blackpool Council, Fylde Borough Council and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

The partnership is set to receive one millions pounds of funding from the Environment Agency to protect the habitat for another five years.

More info here https://new.fylde.gov.uk/million-poun…

Live: 16:30hrs 30-01-22

Join me for a livestream from Lytham St Annes in Lancashire.

The famous windmill is currently without its sails, but they will be replaced very soon.

I will tour the famous green and maybe check in on Lowther Gardens & the town centre square as dusk falls.


Premier: 19:00hrs 29-01-22

I bring you a bit of action from Storm Malik as it hits Blackpool. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk…


Released: 21:00hrs 28-01-22

I take you on a tour of the gritty streets of South Shore in Blackpool. The area is one of the most deprived in Blackpool, with poor housing and high crime.

More info here https://democracy.blackpool.gov.uk/do…

Swingers Hotel Paradise (Crystal Hotel) website https://www.paradiseblackpool.co


Released: 21:00hrs 27-01-22

Traders at the popular Bonny Street Market in Blackpool were recently given a month’s notice to move out of the site by the powers from above.

I do not know much more about it at this time, but I expect the site may be turned into extra car parking space during the development of Blackpool Central.

Colin filmed some of the stallholders in his video.
You can see it here https://youtu.be/MCKn1XLy5UU


Released: 19:30hrs 27-01-22

I bring you news of the first phase of work on the huge £300 million Blackpool Central development scheme.

Funding has been secured to build a multi storey car park behind the King Edward pub and Picture Hall, and contractors are moving in to start work on this first section.

More info here https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashir…

Premier: 20:00hrs 26-01-22

Just a quick vid to bring you the sunset in Blackpool after a gloomy week of total cloud cover. The famous Blackpool breeze has returned!

Premier: 19:00hrs 25-01-22

I take you on a walk from Stanley Park to the Promenade Blackpool in the doom & gloom of mid winter.

Along the way I talk a bit about the history of the areas in between.

More info on the Stowe Lions Stanley Park https://wmf.org.uk/Projects/technical…

Donna’s Dream House

Live: 16:30hrs 23-01-22

Join me for a livestream along Blackpool Promenade from 16:30hrs until 17:30hrs.

Premier: 19:00hrs 23-01-22

The scaffolding is finally coming down from the well known Woolworth’s store on Blackpool promenade right next to the famous Tower.

Woolworth’s had a store on this site since 1916 alongside the Royal Market and Hotel.

The company eventually bought up all the plot to built this grand art deco building with a huge clock tower as their flagship store of the time. It was numbered as store 66.

Premier: 19:00hrs 21-01-22

The big wheel on Central Pier in Blackpool is coming down for refurbishment.

There is a proposal to replace the wheel with a bigger version in 2023 if plans go ahead.

Here is a news story about the proposed new big wheel https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashir…

Released: 20:00hrs 20-01-22

This was a quick video I put together to bring you an amazing winter sunset here in Blackpool, plus a little look at the promenade just north of Gynn Square.

Premier: 19:00hrs 18-01-22

I take you on a walk around of Blackpool Pleasure Beach to bring you an update on what is happening inside and outside the funpark.

More info here https://www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com

Live: 16:00hrs 16-01-22

Join me for a livestream from St Annes in Lancashire.

Released: 19:00hrs 15-01-22

I take you on a little tour of Blackpool town centre on a January midweek at teatime to show how it looks at one of the quietest times of the year.

Premier: 19:00hrs 14-01-22

I bring you an amazing display of starlings as they sweep in to roost at the North Pier in Blackpool at sunset. 4K/30

Premier: 19:00hrs 13-01-22

I take you on a tour of The Great promenade Show on South Promenade in Blackpool.

Originally a series of ten public artworks stretching from Starr Gate up to the Sandcastle.
Unfortunately, several of the displays have since been removed, the first being Peter Blake’s ‘Life as a Circus’ which was targeted by metal thieves in 2011.

Most recently, and somewhat controversially, it was the High Tide Organ that was removed from it’s position next to the Sandcastle due to safety concerns over it’s condition.

News article on stolen bronze statues

Tide organ

Released: 19:00hrs 06-01-21

I take you on a walk through Blackpool town centre and the promenade before sunrise on a midwinter Sunday morning.

Along the way I point out things of interest, such as old buildings & new developments coming along in the town.

I finish the video on the Comedy Carpet opposite Blackpool Tower to show how all of the Christmas attractions are being dismantled & taken away for another year.

Live: 17:00hrs 09-01-22

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool Prom around sunset time.

Released: 19:00hrs 06-01-22

I take you on a mid winter walk from the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool & down Waterloo Road to see what is open on a really wet & freezing cold day.

I feature some of the demolition of the south shore ambulance station towards the end.

My friend Caroline has covered this better than me.

Blackpool Ambulance Station Demolition 5th & 6th January 2022

Released: 19:00hrs 04-01-22

The star flyer on Blackpool promenade was being dismantled as the season finally came to an end.

Blackpool council were also starting to take away the features around the Comedy Carpet, including the very popular glice rink.

Released: 19:00hrs 03-01-22

I bring you a short video on the final day of Blackpool’s extended season, January 3rd 2022. Next year the season will be extended again until Jan 2nd 2023.

The second half of this video is a compilation of Lightpool and Christmas by the Sea with some clips kindly supplied by Frank in Blackpool. Frank’s channel https://www.youtube.com/user/the1lemming

Released: 19:00hrs 01-01-22

I give you a quick tour of Blackpool Promenade on New Years Day 2022 to show how busy it is, especially as the weather is particularly fine & very mild with a top temperature of 14ºc.

I also make an impromptu visit to Higgett’s Vegas arcade which features the famous As Seen On TV £1 burger bar.

Released: 20:00hrs 31-12-21

After the new years fireworks were cancelled I had to think of another idea for a video on New Years Eve, so I thought I’d walk al the way from the outer edge of Blackpool in the east, all the way to the North Pier and show as much stuff as I could in between. I hope you like it.

Released: 19:30hrs 29-12-21

Took a day trip to Manchester on Tuesday and made a little video for you to enjoy.

Live: 19:30hrs 27-12-21

Join me for a livestream along Blackpool Promenade on a midweek evening.

Experience the illuminations along the Golden Mile on a Monday evening just after Christmas. Starting from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, I expect to reach the Comedy Carpet at the front of Blackpool Tower before 9pm.

If you like what I do, you can support me by making a donation to my PayPal here https://www.paypal.me/Stephencheatley…

Released: 20:00hrs 22-12-21

I take you on a tour of Blackpool promenade from the Pleasure Beach up to the North Pier and a little look around a deserted town centre on Christmas Day morning 2021.

This was the 2nd test of my Rode Wireless Go II mic, available here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08XFQ6KP…

Released: 20:00hrs 22-12-21

I take you on a short trip through Blackpool town centre on the way to the promenade. Along the way I talk about tales from the olden days of murder, tragic accidents & other interesting history.

News story:

Body of man found in Blackpool: https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashir…

Bride in Bath murder:

Released: 19:30hrs 19-12-21

I visit Tramtown at Blackpool Transport’s Rigby Road depot to show you all the heritage trams, including the famous illuminated versions such as the Great Western Train tram and HMS Blackpool.

Tramtown is the new name for the heritage section of the depot, with future plans to create a state of the art visitor centre to make a much more enjoyable experience for visitors whilst also protecting the precious vintage trams.

A whole new roof for the shed will be required before this can happen so a Crowdfunder campaign has been setup to help with this.
Money raised via the guided tours will also help towards the project.

Crowdfunder https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/vital-f…

Guided Tours https://blackpoolheritage.com/guided-…

Released: 19:30hrs 18-12-21

take you on a short tour from North Promenade Blackpool along a rundown part of Dickson Road towards the town centre before heading back onto the promenade at the North Pier & finishing at the Comedy Carpet.

How big will the crowds be with one week to go until Christmas?

Feldman’s Arcade https://lucascampbellblog.wordpress.c…

Released: 19:00hrs 13-12-21

The Blackpool High Tide organ, which has stood on South Promenade close to the Sandcastle as part of The Great promenade Show of artworks, was removed on Wednesday 15th of December 2021.

After being installed in 2002 it was initially meant to be in place for 12 years, but ended up staying longer.

The artwork, designed by Liam Curtin and John Gooding, did not perform as it was meant to in later years due to a lack of maintenance, of which the artist voiced his concerns (see news article linked below). https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/ne…

Released: 19:00hrs 13-12-21

This was a firework display at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on December 12th 2021, which was previously scheduled for the end of the season on November 7th but had to be cancelled due to poor weather.

If you like what I do and would like to support me, you can make a donation here https://paypal.me/Stephencheatley?cou…

Released: 19:00hrs 11-12-21

Fire incident at the Blackpool Tower building on Sunday 12th of December. The building was evacuated at around 10:30 while the fire service attended.

More info here https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashir…

Premier: 19:00hrs 11-12-21

A little walk around Blackpool town centre on a Friday evening two weeks from Christmas.

I bring updates on the new tram depot and Holiday Inn Hotel, a redesigned main Christmas tree and the glice rink.

Released: 19:00hrs 10-12-21

I take you behind the scenes at the premier entertainment venue Viva Blackpool. Featuring amazing performances & music, the main shows are hosted by the very funny Leye D Johns. Website here https://www.vivablackpool.com/ Watch the 24 hour welcome here https://www.vivablackpool.com/about-v…

Released: 19:00hrs 08-12-21

I catch the tail end of Storm Barra as it passes over the Lancashire coast at Blackpool and Cleveleys. The high tide was 8.75 metres and the wind was westerly, gusting to 50mph.

Premier: 19:00hrs 07-12-21

I bring you a video from St Annes & Blackpool as Storm Barra hits the Lancashire coast. Winds were from the southeast so there were no big waves like a previous storm, despite a high tide of 9 metres.

Released: 19:00hrs 04-12-21

Blackpool gets battered by winds gusting to 50mph which coincide with a very high tide of 9 metres on the morning of December 4th 2021.

If you like what I do and want to support me, you can make a donation to my PayPal at https://paypal.me/Stephencheatley?cou…

Released: 19:00hrs 03-12-21

I take you on a walk around my old neighbourhood in South Shore Blackpool on the way to the ambulance depot on Waterloo Road, which is set to be demolished for an all new building.

Caroline’s channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpAc…

If you like what I do and want to support me, you can make a donation to my PayPal at https://paypal.me/Stephencheatley?cou…

Premier: 19:00hrs 01-12-21

Join me for a livestream along Blackpool Promenade on a midweek evening.

Experience the illuminations and the Christmas by the Sea festivities opposite the Tower.


Visit Blackpool have a secret event planned for 8pm at the Comedy Carpet, so we will find out what it is on the stream.

If you like what I do, you can support me by making a donation to my PayPal here https://www.paypal.me/Stephencheatley…

More info on what to do in Blackpool this Christmas https://www.SimplyBlackpool.com/

Released: 19:00hrs 27-11-21

I went out early on Saturday morning to look at some of the damage around Blackpool after a wild night of stormy weather in Blackpool as Storm Arwen hit the coast with 60mph gusting winds. https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashir…

Premier: 21:45hrs 26-11-21

A building on the corner of Springfield Road and the Promenade partially collapsed in high winds on Friday 26th of November. Winds were forecast to gust up to 70mph through the night. The promenade between Banks Street and Talbot Square had to be sealed off, rerouting illuminations traffic through the town centre & causing gridlock.

Premier: 20:00hrs 26-11-21

I take an early walk through Blackpool town centre and promenade. Due to high winds on Friday and Saturday, the Christmas by the Sea GLICE Rink will be closed. The star flyer ride will probably have to close as well until the winds die down. https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…

Premier: 20:00hrs 25-11-21

I filmed the star flyer ride on Blackpool Promenade after dark. Recorded Monday 22nd. https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…

Premier: 20:00hrs 22-11-21

Myself and Caroline James Vlogs Blackpool went on the huge star flyer ride on Blackpool Promenade which has been making the headlines lately.

It costs £7 per person to ride on it. Do you dare?

Caroline’s Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpAc…

Released: 20:00hrs 21-11-21

After being moved from St John’s Square in the town centre, the huge 60 metre star flyer ride, Europe’s tallest of its type is now up & running on Blackpool Promenade.

Released: 20:00hrs 20-11-21

I bring you a video from the Christmas by the Sea Winter Wonderland on Blackpool Promenade opposite the Tower. There are Xmas huts, a Glice Rink, a Xmas Tree forest and a glowing beach ball. All this plus the Lightpool music & animation show as well as the huge star flyer ride, which will hopefully be opening before next weekend after being moved from it’s original position in St John’s Square.

More info here https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…

Released: 19:00hrs 20-11-21

Topping out the Blackpool Star Flyer on Blackpool Promenade. This is part 2 of the video shot earlier in the morning.

Released: 16:00hrs 20-11-21

The huge star flyer ride which was previously constructed in St John’s Square Blackpool as part of the Winter Gardens Wonderland Xmas Festival is now being put up on the Blackpool tower headland, close to the Glice Rink attraction. The ride had to be taken down from it’s previous location due to safety concerns.

Stella’s channel https://www.youtube.com/user/zoltar666pz

BREAKING NEWS: 15;00hrs 18-11-21

Star Flyer Dismantled!

Premier: 19:00hrs 18-11-21

I take a night walk down Central Drive in Blackpool along a stretch which is rather infamous to locals for being rundown, and very much like a ghetto. The northern part of Central Drive was where the huge Central Station once was, which brought people into Blackpool in droves during it’s heyday.
TA2AHAL2LLMBDUHD Mark McNeill’s channel

Premier: 19:00hrs 17-11-21

I check out the huge star flyer ride newly installed in Blackpool town centre along with the preparations for the Christmas markets. https://www.wintergardenswonderland.c…

Premier: 21:00hrs 16-11-21

The new 200ft star flyer ride has arrived in St Johns Square Blackpool

Premier: 19:00hrs 16-11-21

An outbreak of avian flu at Stanley Park in Blackpool has caused the council, working with the RSPCA to seal off the whole of the lake. People are advised not to touch or feed the birds during this time. Three swans are believed to have been lost to the outbreak so far.

Premier: 19:00hrs 14-11-21

I took a walk along Blackpool Promenade and through the town centre at teatime in mid November to show how busy it was. It certainly didn’t look like it was out of season, but the famous Illuminations are shining away and the town centre Christmas displays are being put in place.


Released: 19:00hrs 13-11-21

Blackpool Council has installed a Glice Rink on the promenade opposite the Tower. It is an artificial ice rink, which will open from the 19th of November until Jan 3rd 2022.

For Dates & Times Click Here

Glice Rink: https://www.glicerink.com/?gclid=Cj0K…

Released: 19:00hrs 11-11-21

The Blackpool High Tide Organ on South Promenade is set to be taken down by Blackpool Council due to the structure being rendered unsafe after corrosion.

Released: 19:00hrs 06-11-21

I bring you a video from the amazing bonfire & firework display at Blackpool Cricket Club on November 5th. The annual event, first since 2019, attracted people in their thousands. Blackpool Cricket Club is situated at the northwest end of Stanley Park.

Released: 19:00hrs 02-11-21

The recent storms have blown off more sails on the famous Lytham Windmill in Lancashire. The first sails broke off back in mid October & following that another was removed because rot was found. On the morning of November 1st, another sail broke off to leave just one.

Released: 19:00hrs 01-11-21

November gets off to a stormy start in Blackpool as gale force winds batter the famous promenade.

Released: 19:00hrs 29-10-21

I visit the popular Wetherspoon’s Velvet Coaster on South Promenade in Blackpool. Named after an old roller coaster at nearby Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the building was formerly the Lucky Star Amusements.

Released: 19:00hrs 27-10-21

I take you on a little back street walk through central Blackpool on the way to the promenade to show how insanely busy it is for this time of year, particularly for midweek. School holidays and the illuminations combine to draw in huge numbers of visitors to the resort.

Released: 19:00hrs 25-10-21

Join me for a Blackpool tram ride with commentary along the way, starting at Blackpool Pleasure and ending at the Norbreck Castle Hotel.

Released: 19:00hrs 25-10-21

I visit the Play Expo vintage arcade and computer exhibition at the the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool on Sunday 24th of October 2021. This is the first event here since 2019 due to the pandemic. https://www.playexpoblackpool.com Northern Lights Pinball: https://www.ukpinball.com

Premiered: 21:30hrs 23-10-21

**This video contains bad language from the start** I take you on a tour of the streets around Blackpool Football ground as the Seasiders take on deadly rivals Preston North End in a hotly anticipated derby game, the first for 8 years. The final score was 2-0 to the Seasiders.

Released: 19:00hrs 21-10-21

In this video I take a close look at Carlin Rock, which is a large feature on Blackpool beach at Bispham, close to Red Bank Road. Carlin Rock, or Mussel Rock as it is otherwise known can be seen when the tide is out from quite a long way away due to it’s prominence.

Whilst this rock can be easily seen, there is said to be another rock further out called the Pennystone, the name referring to an olde inn which was said to be part of the lost village of Singleton Thorpe before it was washed away in a tsunami back in 1555. Visitors to the inn are said to have used a large ring on Pennystone Rock to hitch up their horses whilst they drank their ‘penny pot o’ brew’ served by the landlord Thrifty Jack.

More info here https://bispham2.blogspot.com/2007/08… 

Live: 17:50hrs 16-10-21

Blackpool Live! Aqualux Take 3!!!

Live: 17:50hrs 16-10-21

Blackpool Live! Aqualux Take 2!!!

Live: 17:45hrs 16-10-21

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool at 17:45. I will be featuring the mobile Aqualux art display for the Lightpool Festival as it tours the streets. Find out more here https://www.visitblackpool.com/detail…

Released: 19:00hrs 15-10-21

I bring you an early morning look at Blackpool promenade as the sun rises. Here I show the all new installation for the Lightpool Festival called the House of Cards, which is being setup opposite the Sands Venue, close to the Comedy Carpet. I also describe the amazing Belt of Venus effect of the sun creating the shadow of the earth on the western horizon. If you would like to support my channel, you can make a donation here https://paypal.me/Stephencheatley?loc…

Released: 21:00hrs 13-10-21

The House of Wingz perform an 80’s street dance outside the Grand Theatre in Blackpool to promote the opening of Around the World in 80’s Days Comedy Musical.

House of Wingz website: https://www.skoolofstreet.com
Grand Theatre: https://www.blackpoolgrand.co.uk/even…

This video is not monetised due to copyrighted music. If you would like to support my channel, you can donate to my PayPal account here https://paypal.me/Stephencheatley?loc…

Follow Frank in Blackpool and Scruffy Diamond https://www.youtube.com/user/the1lemming https://www.youtube.com/c/ScruffyDiam…

Released: 20:00hrs 13-10-21

Join me for a sunset tour of Blackpool town centre on the way to the Grand Theatre. Along the way I bring you an update on the development works going on, including the new tram station on the site of the former Wilko store. Watch the following video to see the dance performance outside The Grand Theatre.

Premier: 20:00hrs 10-10-21
I bring you the full German display as the final contenders in the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool. I also film some of the crazy busy streets before and after the display.
Mark McNeill’s channel https://youtu.be/7c-CzDQupuU

Premier: 21:30hrs 09-10-21

Lap Dancing and strip clubs in Blackpool could be facing the chop after Blackpool Council put forward proposals earlier in the year to phase out all these type of adult clubs, in order to enhance Blackpool’s reputation as a family resort. News story here https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashir…

Premier: 20:30hrs 05-10-21

I bring you a short video from Cleveleys, just up the road from Blackpool in very stormy conditions from the popular beach art installation Mary’s Shell. Last time I was up here they were filming for Disney+ and the Star Wars show.

Premier: 19:00hrs 02-10-21

I visit Papa’s Fish & Chip restaurant in Blackpool which opened in July. Papa’s is the largest fish & chips restaurant in the town, having 250 seats and creating 100 new jobs. The Blackpool restaurant is the 10th of the company’s restaurants to open. The building, on a prominent corner

Live: 16:15hrs 02-10-21

Join me for a livestream from Lytham St Annes as I check out the famous windmill after a sail broke off in high winds.

Released: 19:00hrs 29-09-21

Join me on a very stormy South Promenade in Blackpool as I try to chase rainbows through the sunshine & showers. Drone footage by Mark McNeill https://www.youtube.com/c/MarkMcNeill22

Released: 19:00hrs 29-09-21

I check out Blackpool’s newest Aldi superstore after passing through the shopping area of Westcliffe Drive Layton.

Released: 19:00hrs 28-09-21

I take you on a tour of Dickson Road North in a very rainy Blackpool, with a little look at Middle & Lower Walks along the way.

Released: 19:00hrs 27-09-21

I take you on a tour of Dickson Road North in a very rainy Blackpool, with a little look at Middle & Lower Walks along the way.

I bring you a wet & wild start to the new week in Blackpool as stormy conditions bring an end to a prolonged period of fine weather in September.

History of Feldman’s Arcade here https://lucascampbellblog.wordpress.c…

Metropole story here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england…

Released: 17:30hrs 27-09-21

Drivers are still queuing for fuel on Monday 27th of September even after government reassurance that there is no fuel shortage. Last week the media seemed to give the impression that there would be a fuel shortage, which in turn gave rise to panic buying almost immediately.

Released: 19:00hrs 26-09-21

Ireland’s display in the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool on 25th September 2021. Rocket Pyro https://www.rocketpyro.ie and Titanium Fireworks https://www.titaniumfireworks.com

Released: 23:00hrs 25-09-21

I bring you the atmosphere from Blackpool town centre & promenade leading up to Round 2 of the World Fireworks competition. Ireland are taking part tonight.

Released: 20:10hrs 22-09-21

Illuminations Take 2!!!

Join me for a midweek evening walk along Blackpool Prom, bringing you some of the illuminations & other sights. 8pm onwards

Released: 22:00hrs 22-09-21

Join me for a midweek evening walk along Blackpool Prom, bringing you some of the illuminations & other sights. 8pm onwards

Released: 19:00hrs 18-09-21

I take you on a tour of Blackpool’s Middle Walk. This is a section of Blackpool Promenade between the Metropole Hotel and Gynn Square, which has become rather rundown & seedy in the past several decades. Constructed in 1926 with a grand colonnade structure along it’s whole length, it was once a popular spot for couples & families to walk in a more debate location than the bustling Golden Mile. These days Middle Walk, although still a great place to walk or ride a bike & watch the amazing Blackpool sunsets, has a rather bad name, especially owing to the dodgy after hours activities that some of the more modern generation get up to.

Premiers: 19:00hrs 17-09-21

I bring you an update on the return of Blackpool’s giant mirrorball as the top section is put in place on Thursday afternoon.

Premiers: 19:30hrs 15-09-21

I take you on a tour of Coronation Street in Blackpool which was once the home of the Giant Wheel in the early 20th century. The Winter Gardens still remain, but some areas of the street have become rundown & recently an empty building was raided by police after they had a tip of it was being used as a grow house for cannabis.

Released : 17:30hrs 15-09-21

Blackpool’s famous giant mirrorball is finally coming back to the Great Promenade Show on South Promenade. The artwork, which is titled ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’ is being put back in place after having all 46,000 mirrors replaced.

Released : 21:00hrs 14-09-21

Bit of a wet start in Blackpool this morning and I thought I’d bring you a little video showing you the sights of the promenade in a style more reminiscent of Charles Veitch, using 4K 60fps mode for the first time.

Released : 22:20hrs 11-09-21

Russia kicks off the WFC in Blackpool for 2021 with their display on the beach in front of the Tower.
My shot of the fireworks can be found along with many other images of Blackpool here https://stephencheatleyphotography.co…

How to set up live streaming on YouTube
Live: 10:10hrs 12-09-21

Join me from Starr Hills St Anne’s as I bring you the Red Arrows leaving Blackpool Airport after spending the night there.

They are off to perform several displays across the north in just 1 hour whilst circling back to RAF Scampton.

Released : 22:20hrs 11-09-21

A little preview of the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool. I make my way to the promenade from Bloomfield Road to sample the atmosphere of the large crowds & show some interesting stuff along the way.

Released : 18:00hrs 11-09-21

Russia kick things off tonight.

Here’s more info https://www.visitblackpool.com/things…

Released : 20:00hrs 10-09-21

A tour of Blackpool bistros & wine bars for the ladies. These are the places to be SEEN in Blackpool this year.

Released : 19:30hrs 07-09-21

A complete tour of Waterloo Road in South Shore Blackpool to the Promenade.

Released : 22:00hrs 03-09-21

I bring you the big Switch On of the famous Blackpool Illuminations for 2021. They will shine until January 3rd 2022.

Released : 19:30hrs 03-09-21

A quick video to preview the Blackpool Illuminations Switch On event.

Released : 19:30hrs 02-09-21

A shorter version of my Ride the Lights trip featuring the highlights, including extra scenes of Dom Whiting and his Drum & Bass Bike.

Released : 22:00hrs 01-09-21

This is a complete tour of Blackpool Illuminations during the Ride the Lights event on August 31st 2021.

I take you all the way from Starr Gate up to Red Bank Road Bispham. The loud music was coming from DJ Dom Whiting with Drum & Bass on the Bike


I will also make a more concise version of this event.

Released : 20:00hrs 29-08-21

I take you on a tour of Central Drive in Blackpool.

This area of town has seen constant decline since the 1980’s, when it was a very popular shopping area. It still is relatively busy today, but most of the old family run stores have become empty & derelict, or replaced by a multiple of convenience shops and takeaways.

The road featured on reality documentary programme 999 What’s Your Emergency in 2012.

There are plans the gentrify Central Drive, including part of the street where the King Edward pub is.

This area will become the ‘Heritage Quarter’ of the Blackpool Central development



Released : 22:00hrs 28-08-21

I take you on a tour of Blackpool Promenade from South Pier to the Tower, showing all the popular pubs, hotels & fish & chip outlets along the way, including some down the back streets just off the promenade, which you may want to try.

Released : 19:00hrs 28-08-21

I filmed the Red Arrows as the came to Blackpool Airport whilst performing a display on the Isle of Man.

The Blackpool Airshow was cancelled this year.

Released : 18:08hrs 27-08-21

The Red Arrows will be in town on Saturday 28th of August.

They will not be performing a display over Blackpool, as the airshow was cancelled this year due to concerns about large crowds during the pandemic.

If you do happen to be in Blackpool on Saturday, you may be lucky enough to spot them and you never know, they may just do a few turns for us.


Released : 19:00hrs 26-08-21

Pick up yourself a bargain property here in Blackpool, which happens to be a stone’s throw away from the Golden Mile for a possible minimum price of just £5000. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/propertie…

How to set up live streaming on YouTube
Live : 20:00hrs 25-08-21

Join me for a livestream from Blackpool Promenade where I will bring you the sunset at around 20:20hrs. There may also be a bonus preview of the illuminations.

Released: 19:00hrs 23-08-21

The Blackpool Spitfire is back on Gynn roundabout for the upcoming illuminations 2021. Join me as I take a look round it & also show an amazing sunset.

Released: 19:30hrs 20-08-21

I take a trip through Blackpool Town Centre on a damp but muggy Friday night. In this video I feature a few pubs & clubs that I have not shown before + a few restaurants that you may like to visit as well.

Released: 19:30hrs 19-08-21

I cover the Blackpool RNLI on their weekly training day.




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