Walking crime wave leaves Blackpool after joining ‘feral’ gang

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A one boy walking crime wave has escaped life behind bars.

A one boy walking crime wave has escaped life behind bars.

The youth who cannot be named for legal reasons was not sentenced to detention because his family of six are to move from Blackpool.

The 16-year -old who comes from central Blackpool made his latest appearance at court .

Blackpool Magistrates Court

Blackpool Magistrates Court

He has built up a string of convictions in a one year period . These include the theft of high class cars to order, criminal damage and assault crimes.

He has convictions for breaching court orders including removing his tag so he could go out at night in defiance of his curfew .

Police have branded the slightly built teen feral and out of control .

Brett Chappell, defending, told Blackpool Youth Court: “This young man, a child by definition, faces losing his liberty .

“I have dealt with every case . Blackpool has many positives but it also has a litany of negatives.

“He has massively gone down the wrong path and become engrossed in a gang based criminality “

“Police say it is a feral group without justification and out of control .

“His family has taken the huge step to move and from Monday they will begin a new life in the West Midlands

“They want to break all ties with Blackpool where his offending is fuelled by influences .”

“Away from this group he is a pleasure to deal with .”

“but it is Jekyll and Hyde when he is back with them

“Both he and his family have faced threats , pressure and duress .

“Twelve months ago he had not seen the inside of a court – his decline has been rapid .”

“The family decision to move lock stock and barrel is his final chance to avoid detention.”

He was given a 18 month rehabilitation order with intensive supervision and surveillance.

He will have 92 activity days and a three month curfew to be served in his new address at Wolverhampton .