We spent £25 at Heron Foods with ‘lowest prices’ to see how much we could get

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Heron Food’s slogan says they provide ‘top quality, lowest prices’ so we spent just under £25 to see if that was true


Heron Foods next to Houndshill shopping centre in Blackpool
Heron Foods next to Houndshill shopping centre in Blackpool

A weekly shop nowadays that costs £25 is certainly one that is considered good value with prices of daily basics now mounting.

Finding good quality products with prices that won’t leave pockets empty is every shopper’s mission but where exactly can you get that from?

Having seen the slogan from Heron Foods: “Top Quality, Lowest Prices” we had to try to see if the store really lived up to those claims.

With a budget of £25, we set our sights on the nearest Heron Foods in Blackpool and bought what we could- all tailored around a regular weekly shop.

Two bags full of food items bought from Heron Foods
Two bags full of food items bought from Heron Foods

We selected 19 items to go into our trolley catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a couple of treats that are of course necessary for the weekly shop.

19 food items bought all for under £25
19 food items bought all for under £25

Typically, when buying budget items, it’s easy to assume that the cheaper the price, the lower in quality the items are but in this shop, we stuck to mainly branded food items to see if we could get enough for a low price.

What can be said for this shop is that there are no fresh fruits and vegetables meaning additional costs will need to be planned for when doing the weekly shop at Heron Foods.

Considering the vast majority of these items were top brand names like Nestle, Nescafe, Kingsmill and Goodfellas, it was clear to see where the slogan comesfrom.

Nescafe Gold coffee 200g
Nescafe Gold coffee 200g

Avid coffee drinkers will know that it is a ‘pot of gold’ moment to find a large jar of branded coffee for less than £5, but Heron Foods sells 200 grams of Nescafe Gold instant coffee for £4.79 which over time, would work out a lot cheaper than most supermarkets charge.

Goodfella's cheesy garlic bread
Goodfella’s cheesy garlic bread

Goodfella’s pizzas and garlic breads are often on offer at supermarkets but when they’re not, they can be considered pretty pricey at full price but are always at the reduced price of £1.25 at Heron Foods.

Kingsmill bread
Kingsmill bread

Kingsmill wholemeal bread at £1 isn’t as exclusive as the other discounted prices at Heron Foods but given a lot of others supermarkets do charge more than a pound for the very same loaf of bread, knowing you’re getting a top quality loaf for a reduced price here is always a welcomed bonus.

500g Frosted Sreddies
500g Frosted Sreddies

Cereals are always a must have on weekly shops particularly for families with children who need a quick bite to eat before rushing off to school- Heron Foods have a great deal of £1.50 for a 500 gram box of Frosted Shreddies that will certainly be making the regular shop.

Heron Foods does deliver top quality products for low prices but the variety of choice is not as vast in other supermarkets, particularly with the diary items.

Whilst there may be less to chose from, what is there is definitely sufficient enough to make up a weekly shop- you’ll just have to go elsewhere for fresh fruit and veg.

The shop in full:

Frosted Shreddies: £1.50

Cathedral City Cheddar: £2.30

Goodfellas Cheesy Garlic Bread: £1.25

Cheese and Onion Pasties: £1.50

Penne Pasta: 3 for £1

Kingsmill Wholemeal Bread: £1

15pk Eggs: £1.19

3pk Branstons Baked Beans: £1.50

Nescafe Gold Coffee: £4.79

Mushy Peas: 79p

Jammie Dogers: 2 for £1

Napolina Passata: 69p

Diet Coke: £1.69

Kitchen Roll: £1

2L Semi Skimmed Milk: £1.19

Bake At Home Croissants: £2