Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Hang with Blackpool’s darkest, strangest characters. So much fun it’s scary!

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      • A multisensory walkthrough experience the whole family will love – and it’s only a bit scary
      • Travel through England’s darkest times and meet witches, jokers, judges, and more
      • Hang out with the dungeon’s characters after the tour and grab a drink at the Red Lion bar

Theatrical actors in costume, special effects, dark and grizzly scenes and a ride! The Blackpool Dungeon brings the family together for an exciting walk-through experience that you can see, hear, touch, smell and feel. Hilarious fun and sometimes just a little bit scary.

Descend into the heart of the dungeon in a grinding medieval lift. Don’t trust the jester at the other end, he’ll lull you into a false sense of security.

Hear the monk tell tales of the Fylde Coast, from Viking invasions to the War of the Roses in the Dark Chapel.

See if Judge Blackheart will set you free, or commit you all to the labyrinth of the lost souls. Enter the eerie forest of Pendle, where witches are rife. You’d better get out, before you’re hanged for witchcraft!

If it’s all too scary, calm down with a drink after your tour in the Blackpool Dungeon’s Red Lion bar.


What’s included

Admission to the Blackpool Dungeon


What’s not included

Entrance into escape rooms