Central Pier is home to a variety of family friendly rides, including the World Famous Big Wheel!

Reopening February 9th for the half term holidays!


No cash can be accepted at the rides, you have to pre-buy your ride tickets at ticket booths located down the pier.
All rides are priced individually and are all either 2, 3 or 4 tickets per rider.
£1.10 per ticket (all rides are priced at 2 – 4 tickets each)
£20 for 25 tickets
£60 for 80 tickets
Tickets are strictly non-refundable
Tickets are valid for the day of purchase and the day after only.

You can buy additional tickets at £1.10 each to make up any extra tickets needed.
All second rides, if you stay in your seat, are just £1.10 (1 ticket) each!
If you stay in your seat more than once, the ride then goes back to it’s original price.


Adults Rides

Please note children can ride the adults rides providing they meet the height restrictions. it is up to the customer to check this before purchasing tickets as they cannot be refunded. Height boards are situated at each ride where height restrictions apply.

Dodgems – £3.30 (3 tickets) per car
Please note there are 2 height restrictions for this ride; one to ride alone and one to ride with an adult.

Extreme – £3.30 (3 tickets) per rider
Please note height restrictions apply

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express – £3.30 (3 tickets) per rider
Please note height restrictions apply

Waltzer – £3.30 (3 tickets) per rider
There are no height restrictions to ride the Waltzer, however please be aware this ride is FAST!

Big Wheel – Adult – £4.40 (4 tickets) per rider
Children under 10 – £2.20 (2 tickets) – under 10s must be accompanied by an adult
There are no height restrictions for the Big Wheel


Children’s Rides

Please note, strictly no adults allowed on the children’s rides. This is based on height.
All children’s rides are priced at £2.20 (2 tickets) per rider.

Mini Miami
Mini Wheel
Jumping Star
Helter Skeltor
Formula 1