Uncle Toms Cabin – Nostalgic Attraction

Uncle Toms Cabin – Bispam’s First Centre Of Entertainment – By Norman Cunliffe


It has been said that the coming of the tramroad and the development of the coastal area through which it passed prolonged the life of Uncle Tom’s, but although increased interest was created by the tramway’s success, there were other forces which had a far
greater influence on its fate.

Although success had waned after the departure of William Parker
it was still in business long after so me of the other entertainment
centres, which supposedly at one time had taken custom away
from Uncle Tom’s had either failed or had been taken over. The business remained viable to the end and the new Hotel continued
in a similar tradition, catering to the public at the licenced bars
and in the beautiful tea gardens as well as providing good accommodation. Seasonal entertainment was still a feature in the modern concert hall, whilst across the road there remained a few of the stalls and booths which had surrounded the former Cabin.
The goodwill created in those former days has helped the business
continue down to the present day in its new surroundings.

Undoubtedly the inevitable and relentless encroachment of the
sea was the principal factor in determining how long the original
business was to continue, but it was able to do so because it had
that certain nostalgic attraction which appealed to many of Blackpool’s visitors.

If only a promenade had been built for its protection during the
more successful years what additional pleasures could have been
created and brought to all those who have walked the cliffs since then.