Electric Loco 717

Built: 1927

Built by: English Electric, Preston

Motors: EE DK30 / 1M (50 Horsepower)

Controller: EE DB1 K33E

Current Collector: Trolley Pole

The Electric Loco was built in 1927 by English Electric and was originally all over red with Black and white trim.   Its main purpose was to haul coal wagons from the transfer sidings of the LNER that was based behind Copse Road depot on the outskirts of Fleetwood along the tramway to a set of newly built sidings at Thornton Gate.    The loco was used in this role until 1949 when the coal was delivered elsewhere.

The tram then found a new use with the permanent way department, hauling the saltwater wagon (the weedkiller truck) and various other permanent way  wagons around the system.    The loco was withdrawn in September 1963 and stored until 1966, when it was sold to the Tramway Museum at Crich.   After a couple of alterations were made, including removing the buffer beams, the loco found a new role at Crich where it was and still is used as a depot shunter.

Original Info From http://blackpool-trams.yolasite.com/