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Welcome to “Caroline James Vlogs Blackpool”!

Caroline’s a Photographer & Artist here in Blackpool photographing events, storms, sunsets and the moon generally. A bit of landscape photography now and again.

This channel is about all things Blackpool & the Fylde Coast. Things that happen here, places of interest etc.

She’s have been doing a little filming and has decided to do a Vlog channel dedicated to Blackpool & Fylde Coast.

Sometimes she may wander elsewhere too!! She’ll show you around our town and show you new projects being built or demolished alongside any of our annual events that take place.

Plenty of social documentary content which will hopefully be looked back on in years to come with great interest.

Todays footage is tomorrows history.

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Below you’ll find videos from October to now. On Caroline’s YouTube channel you’ll find even more!

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9 Apr 2022

I went to Waterloo Road Blackpool to see how the Ambulance Hub rebuild is coming along.

3 Apr 2022

A look at the antiques centre and some of the history of The Regent Picture House, Church Street Blackpool.

The Theatre was designed by Lambert & Watton and is faced with Middleton’s Fireclay Ceramo tiling which has survived well over the years.

The auditorium was built on two levels, stalls and one circle, and it had a flat roof which could be opened for ventilation purposes.

25 Mar 2022

Blackpool Infirmary. The First hospital In Blackpool a brief history.

24 Mar 2022

Very quick update on the roadworks on Waterloo Road Blackpool.

21 Mar 2022

Today the first piece of steel framework went up at the new Blackpool Ambulance Hub site on Waterloo Road. So of course I had to take a look!

18 Mar 2022

A early morning wander along south promenade as the moon set here in Blackpool, a quick look at the mirror ball. plus Britains Got Talent is in Blackpool.

10 Mar 2022

I took a walk to Waterloo Road this morning to see how the rebuild of Blackpool Ambulance Hub is getting on. I hope you enjoy the video.

9 Mar 2022

Hidden deep in the Cheshire countryside, the bunker remained secret for over 50 years.

Opened as a museum in 1998 offers a different day out with a Cold War theme. French Lane, Baddington, Nantwich Cheshire CW5 8BL open Wednesday to Sunday 10am till 4pm.

Phone 01270 629219. Photography allowed, filming permitted I did ask first.

I hope to enjoy this little journey into the past, the bunker is well worth a visit.

5 Mar 2022

Something a little different for you all.

This was made for my photography channel, but as it is Blackpool I thought you would like to see it on here also.

5 Mar 2022

Quick run out to watch the sunset at Anchorsholme just up the road from Blackpool.

Had a look at the new speed humps taking drivers by surprise.

I decided responding to having my teeth removed I could either hide away until it’s all done, or put my big girls pants on and go out without teeth. I chose the later!! it is what it is!!

2 Mar 2022

Driving from South Shore Blackpool to St Annes, hope you enjoy the look around.

19 Feb 2022

WOW it’s snowing here in Blackpool. We know it won’t stay long it hardly ever does, so you have to go grab it when you can haha. I headed to Stanley Park to be greeted by a Winter Wonderland.

18 Feb 2022

I may be crazy but I am not totally stupid, gusts of wind roughly 90mph that were literally lifting me off my feet, retreated to safety to film again another day lol. See what tomorrow brings.

16 Feb 2022

High tide and the start of Storm Dudley here in Blackpool, gosh it was a bit nippy out. Though not as windy as I expected.

6 Feb 2022

A blustery day in Blackpool, not a named storm but it was good fun.

4 Feb 2022

The rebuild begins at Waterloo road Ambulance Station Blackpool.

4 Feb 2022

Wandering around Blackpool town centre, a bit of a random one here lol

2 Feb 2022

A quick look at a couple of building projects here in Blackpool.

27 Jan 2022

Blackpool Stanley Park Lake …..OPEN AGAIN !!

20 Jan 2022

Blackpool Argosy Hotel Demolition

11 Jan 2022

Quick update on Blackpool Ambulance Station.

Blackpool Ambulance Station Demolition 5th & 6th January 2022

6 Jan 2022

16 Dec 2021

Blackpool High Tide organ, designed by Liam Curtin and John Gooding. Installed on South promenade in 2002 as part of The Great Promenade Show, Has today 15th December 2021 been demolished and removed. this video follows the demolition and includes a statement sent to me by Artist Liam Curtin. Thank you Liam for sending me that, much appreciated.

20 Nov 2021

After having to be removed from St Johns Square, The Star Flyer Ride (around the world) is being rebuilt on the Festival Headland below Blackpool Tower. I don’t know what date it will be opening, but I will pop back in a day or two. I will film it when it is up and running also.

16 Dec 2021

Visit this fabulous light display and Santas Grotto at 241 Bloomfield Road Blackpool, and support a local charity in the process.

17 Nov 2021

Blackpool has an Ice Rink !! Wow … not real ice I know an artificial Glice Rink, but still this is a first for Blackpool promenade. All part of the Christmas by the Sea events this year, Which is another first we have a massive flying swing ride in the town centre and a Christmas market too. So lots of new things for 2021.…

17 Nov 2021

Blackpool gets a high flying swing ride as part of our Christmas Extravaganza this year. There is so many amazing new things happening in the run up to Christmas it is a fantastic boost for our town.

24 Oct 2021

Last nights grand finale by Titanium Fireworks brought Blackpool World Firework Championships to a close for 2021. The Winners of the competition were Germany, so a huge well done to them and well done to Russia and Ireland for their awesome displays also.