About Us

Welcome to Blackpool.cc

Our website is here purely as a hobby, i’ve such an interest in Blackpool i’ve decided to  build a website.

My main subject is History and News.

My interest started as a very young child coming to Blackpool on Holiday, as I got older coming myself them with my now wife and family.

When I worked as a Territory Manager covering Morecamb and the Lakes Id pop down to Blackpool once I’d finished my days calls. Run through the lights and then home to the North East.

I’ve a massive collection of Books, postcards and trams by Corgi and Hadfields.

Although I’m not here to make money I’ve listed for sale duplicate items I have. Ive an affiliate with travel and Ticket websites.
These together I hope will pay for the hosting of the website which in the first year will be $30.99 Yearly & $4.99 monthly. Both plus VAT.